Microgreens and Mushrooms in a MiniStorage Ep.1

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So I have always loved growing my own food. Always been good with greens for sure. But being in my vanlife nomadic it is difficult to do those kind of things.

So I came up with an idea to use some of the portable power packs that I can charge in my van on solar and when I am running around working, USB LED grow lights, and some shelving. I have some awesome trays coming this week so will be making another video when I get those going.

I figured I would bring you guys on this little journey to health and maybe some day, growing wealth as well. Natural medicine is the best medicine!

Enjoy the video

Be cool, Be real, and Abide

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OK - I freakin LOVE the way you're thinking!! Awesome. Use what you got, innovate and be flexible. You're gonna need a little dehydrator soon for the excess mushrooms, and then you have yourself an extra INCOME STREAM. Let there be more of that!!

You're gonna be bouncing off the walls with health & energy soon! Love it.

Did you know there is a fungi lovers mushroom growers community on Hive? https://peakd.com/c/hive-166168

Already have the dehydrator! I am excited to eventually get it all together. I will check out the fungi group for sure.