If You Find a Beauty, You Will Always Find It in Nature

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The little girl used to ask her Mom: "Am I beautiful?".

She has lately spent time outdoors and exploring the landscape around, and then she finds the answer: "The pure beauty is found in nature."



I am at peace, and I am admired of the amazing panorama of the landscape as the sunset on the horizon



I realized how rarely I got to experience such peace and beauty before. Now I'm glad to find myself through nature and really enjoy it💝

Our breath is tied to nature. Nature by a certain miracle helps us feel every beat of life, gives us moments of joy, and helps us love life more. Nature is a place that heals and nourishes our souls.

“Nature itself is the best physician.” – Hippocrates





Many thanks to green space from plenty of tropical forests, majestic mountains, fresh air, diversity of animals,... We are living in a great gift from nature. 💝

The life of all creatures and humans is always associated with nature. The relationship between man and nature is evident in everyday life. When we are immersed in nature, we breathe the fresh air and feel the tranquility from inside.

Nowadays, the hectic cycles of life and work make us unable to avoid anxiety. Therefore, closeness to nature will bring many practical benefits in terms of physical and mental wellbeing. Nature indeed helps us feel more comfortable, kinder, and happier. 🙂

“Just being surrounded by bountiful nature rejuvenates and inspires us.“– EO Wilson





I obviously have had unique experiences when standing in front of the breathtaking natural scenery---- AMAZING.💝

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”(Vincent Van Gogh). Nature is stunning, from the simple flowers, rice fields, majestic mountains to the dewdrops early in the morning.

Về Vơi Thiên Nhiên Chữa Lành Tinh Thần and All landscapes taken in Da Nang, Viet Nam

Thanks for checking the post, and have a wonderful week ahead


Another great post 😊

Thank you, it's very nice of you :))

You're so good at posing for pictures. #pictureposer. Excellent write up, that was fun. The second photo with your back to the camera, sunset in the distance, that one.

Thank you dandays, every time you drop by I have a new nickname😀
Actually I wasn't making any post but just standing 😅
I like that pic too 🙃

I meant pose hihiii

That makes so much more sense


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Are you the little girl in this context?
Well if you are then I am glad you found your true definition of beautiful.
Nice and cool photos.

Yea, it was me 🙂 Thanks for checking this out girl and hope you had a wonderful weekend :))

Yeah I did. Bless you!

Your post was a joy to read. The pictures are beautiful and I agree with you fully that being immersed in nature is beneficial for our mental and physical wellbeing.
What a picturesque place you live in.
Thank you for sharing , lovely post.

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Thank you dear @holisticmom for dropping by and your kind comment, much appreciated it.

toàn cảnh siêu siêu đẹp chị ơi , tym tym nè

hihi thankiu em trai nè

wow, I am impressed by the write up. It is a true context of beautiful. Nice pictures by the way

Thank you dear for checking this out and I'm glad you like it. :)
Have a great week ahead :)

Great post and so very true! Nature is such a wonderful healer for our mind, body and soul.

Thank you Sara 💝 Nature is such a great gift that Earth giving to us :)
Hope you are doing well and have a wonderful week ahead :)

Amazing nature babe. Good post.
I love nature too. It help me clear my mind 😊😊😊

Thankiu Lanbaby !! The same I feel peace in mind everytime I get into nature :)

Your words are so true and inspiring nature is a healer of all and you have some great photos to demonstrate just that 😊

Thankiu John for always being supportive and inspiring me :) Much much appreciate you !!!

You are most welcome @trangbaby !! You have a great day and a great week 😊

I really like your shots, very lively 💚

hihi thankiu babels 🍺🍻