A Thin Line! Poetry And Words And Whatever Else Flows!


A thin line,
that brings us closer together,
the gentle sounds that connect us, from our core,
this journey,
this yearning to dive deep
to watch you unfurl like a flower.

to breathe in, the same air,
to witness the magic that you unleash!


exact moments in which we connect
as the music flows,
and our eyes fully open!

I find the rainbow within,
such diversity in the words that spill
out into the world
as we make meaning,
of what we behold.

Just before I step off
and surrender,
I pause to take in the world
that I leave behind!

The whispers,
that guided me in my sleep,
that led me to you,
I surrender to this
my own creation
my story!


The ups and downs that I have felt,
as my world is changing.
As all that I had know, begins to transform.
I no longer wish to hold onto what was once the norm.
Of broken pieces
that lay exposed,
of thorns
that were ripped from the stem of a rose.

A deeper understanding,
a deeper knowing,
a journey that calls on me to remember.

I walk upon the mountain top,
I howl out as the wind, blows through me,
cleansing and releasing me!

My journey, my path,
these thin lines
that connect.
That call across oceans.

I surrender!


Today I spoke out, I cried and I laughed. You would be right in assuming that I went through the motions, a million different shades of me reflected in one day. Many seasons rolled into one, like those days where it is sunny, then cold and then the hail arrives.

So much emotion, that needs to be released, a storm that is brewing within, so what can I do, only surrender and let it flow out. Guided by the words of some and the love of others.

Feeling so blessed and yet so fragile.

This last bit is for you @riverflows





Love the positive vibes coming out here, a sense of refreshment 🌿 it is all fragile so let’s enjoy it while we can. Glad you find the beauty in the intensity of impermanence, much love my friend

thank you @fenngen, really feeling fragile these days, but with that i am really feeling which in itself is very healing. Much love to you too xxxx


Beautifully written and heartfelt feelings flowing from deep within.

I love the metaphor of the flower and the personification of nature.

Synchronicity is a word that has come up in my life a number of times recently, so interesting to see it here again in your poetry.