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Striving for balance in this world
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Embracing the sacred feminine!


For all of us in the northern hemisphere, we have reached the height of summer. Today is lughnasadh, one of the cross quarter festivals, all of which represent a change in the manifest energy. Right now, it is the time of the grain harvest and our opportunity to express our gratitude to the earth for providing us with so much abundance. As well as taking stock of our own personal harvest.

Lugh is an old Irish god, who died at this time of the year. His death represented the death or sacrifice of the male ego, which gives way to the rebirth of the feminine power. This is the energy shift that is happening right now, as we let go of our active phase and move into our more receptive phase. Through this, we achieve balance within our lives. Embracing both sides of ourselves.

This is what we are witnessing in the world right now. This huge shift of power and energy, as the time of the patriarchy comes to an end and hopefully we enter a phase that embraces both the masculine and the feminine!


Now is the time to create, to manifest. Our earth mother is the seed, she is the womb, she is the soil, that we and so many depend upon. The sacred feminine, creating regenerative power, providing us with abundance. This is what we need to embrace right now. Listen to and observe the earth, bare witness to the messages that she sends to us. We are all creators, so lets create!

When we have been touched by nature and allowed ourselves to reconnect with her, we are brought to a place of inner silence and oneness. When we take the time to sit outside and observe, how the intricate relationships within nature enable all life forms to thrive, we begin to understand how important it is to embrace all sides of ourselves. We hold both masculine and feminine energies within and both are vital for our well being.

At this time of the year we honour the mother aspect of the triple goddess. the great provider, bringing with her fertility, growth and abundance. Which is, what we as individuals are experiencing right now, as well as the land around us. When we embrace Mother Nature , she gifts us with the ability to align our lives with the natural rhythms of the earth. Cycles that never end and opportunities for deep reflection, that lead us to explore and create.


The feminine energy is all about creation, it is about birth and rebirth. The ability to birth life and new ideas. To learn from our experiences and challenges and rebirth ourselves anew.

As a woman who birthed three children, I embraced my wild, feminine energy. She came in many different forms, during my pregnancy and my birth and now as a mother. I learned to nurture myself during pregnancy,a gift I carried with me into motherhood. It was something I always carried with me, but it was a side of me that I showered onto others, my desire to nurture those around me

But how can I really nurture them, if I first do not nurture myself, this was a cycle of growth, a cycle that is so prominent in nature, within ourselves. Observing, learning and growing!

Birth took me on a journey, a journey that re connected me with the animal within. This wild ancient sense of self, that knew exactly what to do, to birth my children. My primal self that connected with my ancestors, my ancestors that I called in during my mother blessing. Opening myself up to the sacred feminine!


This was the start of motherhood for me, returning to Ireland to birth my daughter and reconnect with Brigid, the ancient Celtic goddess of fire, poetry, healing, childbirth, and unity. For me Brigid really represents balance, recognizing the masculine and feminine within us all. To sit strong in our gentleness and be gentle with our strength.

In order for us to move forward, we need to do so in unity. We need to seek inner balance and peace. To acknowledge the importance of both our masculine and feminine energies, allowing us to create more tolerance and respect for one another! Because the Sacred feminine is not about focusing only on the feminine, it is very much about embracing unity and balance. The very things that are needed so that we can grow!

Honouring the unity of life and the harmony that lies at the very core of our being!

We are so much more that what we have been told!

So many of Our stories are yet to be created, those pages bare, for what lies ahead, but in embracing our whole self, we welcome balance and harmony. We finally re- connect and remember and we move forward so much stronger and self assured.


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I love hearing about your Irish goddesses. I don't have those traditions here, so I draw on the Hindu ones as they are part of my yoga life. And in South America, there are goddesses too, and all over the world, there is the divine feminine,an archetype of human experience that we need to revere more than ever. What a beautiful thing it is to connect to and EMBRACE this divinity in us all. Great response!

thank you, I should write more about Irish Goddesses really. They are connected all over the world really as they each represent the same thing, the same cycles xx I definitely have another Sacred Goddess post brewing xxx

Awesome, can't wait to read it. We bring our goddesses with us wherever we go. I think of all those Irish migrants bringing their faeries to strange lands. They'd be lost within a generation or two.

The nurturing cycle is so innately primal and beautiful - the mother bear or the protective mama lion - it lives in us and guides as as mothers. And how right you are that it needs to be lavished on ourselves FIRST - for empty cups yield little nourishment for others.

Yes indeed we really need to nurture ourselves too thank you lovely xxx

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Thanks @oldmans, I hope you are well my friend xxx

You are welcome! I am doing good. In a little slump at the moment but hoping to turn that around soon. 😀

Hope all is well with you.

@trucklife-family, In my opinion we are going through from the phase of Great Awakening and this phase is inspiring us to pursue the Ancient Knowledge through New Perspective.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed always.

Yes this transition is certainly a Great Awakening and we really do need to embrace our ancient wisdom in order to move forward, thank you @chireerocks xxx

Welcome and true. 🙂

ahhhhh soooo beautiful <3...self nurishment is so super important, and yes especially for mothers. Really glad I found you on here, your articles look mega interesting (not read all of them yet ;) )

thanks so much @laurenluftballon I am glad you enjoyed this post, Did you enter the challenge? xx

You have reminded me I really need to explore those Norse goddesses as I feel drawn to that side of my heritage. Lots of Scandinavian blood running through my veins, so seems only fitting to commune with that side of my own family history. It's not something I've delved too deeply into, but have always wanted to explore!

Yes you really should explore it, there is such a rich heritage up there and so many similarities between the celtics as well, quite a lot of Vikings did settle in Ireland as well xxx