Now Is The Time To Rebel!

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I don't know about you all, but I can feel a sense of urgency in the air. For sure, the days are hot where I am, and it's normal for the air to feel quite heavy. But this is something different altogether. There is this sense of anticipation, mixed in with urgency. Because now is the time to act!

Things are changing rapidly at the moment, as slowly more and more of our freedoms are being taken away. We know that the economy is crashing (well it has been for a while) and there have been massive flooding in China, which has wiped out most of their agricultural land. Which is going to leave them with food shortages.

I live near an area of Spain where most of the veg is grown for Europe n massive polytunnels. Every year people would come from North Africa to work on harvesting the veg, but due to the lockdown this didn't happen,so lots of veg was left to rot. We have definitely seen an increase in the price of veg here, something that is going to continue to happen.

I don't want to scare people, because fear is crippling. What is important is though, is that we start to become more active. I know that most of the people who follow me and read my posts are already actively growing their own food. But this is something everyone needs to be doing. If you have any outdoor space use it, use containers to grow your food. Be imaginative.


There are no excuses, any space is usable. Windowsills work great, especially for herbs and salad. The options are endless, just research vertical and container gardening, or go check out what @samstonehill has been doing in his courtyard. Growing your own food, has never been more important, we have got to be prepared for what is coming!

There are so many skilled growers on here, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to asking for advise and I am constantly learning new things and new tricks. Sprouting is probably the easiest thing to start with.

As the seeds start to germinate they become more nutritious for us humans. Also the enzyme inhibitors, oxalates and phylates (which are know as anti-nutrients) that are present in every seed, nut and grain are destroyed when they are sprouted. Proteins and fats are broken down into much more digestible form and vitamins are synthesized.


Sprouting is a wonderful way in which to get a fresh supply of greens and they are such power foods for the whole family. Something we all need right now. Sprouting usually takes between 1- 5 days, depending on what you are sprouting and what temperature it is. If you Live in a warm climate sprouting takes less time and needs to be rinsed a lot more during the day as well.

My favourite's are alfalfa seeds ( you can help develop the chlorophyll by growing them in sunlight for at least 12 hours), broccoli seeds, mung beans ( best to grow in the dark) and chickpeas, (sprouted Hummus is great). I quite like sprouting lentils as well.

When you soak your nuts you need to do so for 12 hours (this removes the enzyme inhibitors)and then store them in the fridge in water, but make sure to change the water daily.


Before I moved onto this piece of land and when I was living a nomadic lifestyle, I grew my food in containers. Ever time we stopped, I would take them out on to the tail, to get some sun and to water them. I grew salad, herbs, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries.

And I was sprouting as well, my girls love to get involved and watch their food spring into life, full of so much goodness. Getting our kids involved in sprouting and growing is providing them with such life valuable skills. There is nothing better than learning alongside with your children.

If you are someone who has always wanted to start growing their own food, but never got round to it, start now. We have got to start looking at ways in which we can be more self sufficient. Because it is pretty obvious to me, that the governments never had any interest in our health, it's more obvious now for sure.

We have got to take back control of what we are putting into our bodies, we have got to start giving a damn. Growing your own food, looking after yourself, creating your own reality and not letting their narrative suck you in, these are acts of rebellion.

So rebel!

Because we all deserve better than what they have planned for us!
Our focus needs to be on creating healthy bodies, not depleting our vitamin D supplies and lowering our immune systems, certainly not living in fear and treating each other suspiciously, as though we have the plague.

Now is the time to Rebel!


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Beyond the physical aspects of growing our own, foraging and preparing food for the winter there is something else... something quite magical which has been lost for so long by so many. Including myself until this year! I can only describe it as an enhanced sense of connection with Mother Nature and a kind of satisfaction which feels spiritual in nature. And now that I have started, there is no question in my mind... I will live this way forever! x

yes the deeper connection we create, I have written a bit more about that in my latest post. Thank you Sam xxx

Its seems very effective

it really is x

Things are looking very grim here in the States. We have moved towards nothing even approaching "opening up"...instead it just gets worse by the day. I don't have much space but I like the top down method you talked about...I live in a condo so I have no garden whatsoever...but I better get to it. Thinking of trying to make a run for it sometime in the near future...I hear Puerto Rico is nice.

I imagine, what I have heard is not good at all, vertical gardening is great and needs hardly any space, just some sunlight really. Best of look and yeah Puerto Rico does sound nice x

I can sympathis, but having lived in a number of countries, and with difficult times coming (already started) I can assure you that as a foreigner in another country, your rights will be zero.

Fight for your own country and culture instead of hoping to depend on the goodness of foreigners. If you don't. you will be the red-assed monkey trying to join a blue-arsed monkey tribe and you will be stoned and bitten to death.

I don't like what they are doing to us and what seems to be coming.

No there is not much to like, that is for sure, we just got to be ready and make plans x

Wise words my friend .. I've been growing as much as possible, plus I've been foraging when I can. Moving forward, self-reliance and the rediscovery of our inner power are going to be key .. I kind of feel that we're currently within the eye of the storm and that we should use this time to our best possible advantage.

Definitely in the eye of a storm, and yeah we got to use this time to be proactive. Always great to hear from you, much love xx

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I was wondering how the veggy patches looked and what you harvested, did you make a recent post on it?

When you soak your nuts you need to do so for 12 hours

This is funny as hell 🤣 I know it's just my dry sense of humour 😂

Did you check out the 3D nuggets from KFC, there's where its heading to, completely controlling the food chain.. Control of Finance - check, Food supply - check..

Many will die

Ha you are the only one who pulled up on that, I just couldn't resist. I haven't done a garden post recently, just been so busy that by the time I sit down to write it is already dark so no photos will do one soon, although everything is having a hard time in this heat x

Haha 🤣 aren't many things ready to eat?

yes we have been eating cucumbers, beans, courgette, kale, tomatoes, salad and strawberries. The beetroot and cauliflower are still not ready but the peppers are almost, I am just waiting for them to turn red xxx

Nice!!! Saves money and carrying stuff 👌 did the onions do anything?

I saw that. Yummy. Did you also see how they are going to chance the law, so that they no longer need to tell us it isn't real meat. All the more reason to become an independent farmer. Today!

Wow, and it seemed not so long ago there was that law being changed so that sausages and burgers had to contain a certain minimum amount of actual meat because they had so little in them 🤣

I have an abundance of lettuce, celery, beetroot, zuchini and more growing in my garden. Giving it away and juicing as i have so much :-) #POSH on FB and on Twitter and on LinkedIn

That's great you have an abundance of food, that is the way forward x

We had been talking about growing our food for a time now and we didn't actually put our hands on it until all of this started! Yeah, it has been crazy but we have learned and grow SO MUCH. Starting to grow our food included. Thank you so much for writing this and YES @samstonehill rocks!!! I know @auelitairene and @joseacabrerav are two that started growing their foods thanks to Sam!

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Excellent to learn this. I have scheduled a voice chat with @joseacabrerav today so will ask him about that. Indeed there is nothing more fulfilling than picking food and storing it for the winter. We have a total production line going on around here at the moment ;)

Thanks so much for the support and happy growing xxx

You are So Very, Very Right -
In Every Level!
Thanks for making such a motivational post!

thank you @lesmann xxxx

Now is the time for change -
"if their will be any in our lifetime", on "ALL" levels.
And the "lazy ass" will drag us all down.
To get humans motivated us a precious / important thing!
Have an Awesome Sunday!

Growing your own food is A GOOD kind of rebellion, don't you think? I planted a heap the other day that was wiped out by slugs, so I'm now in a slug war. My chicken army helped yesterday, so back to seeding and planting again.

Its one of the best for sure and you are a master Rebel in that regard. I am past the slug war, just doing my best to keep everything happy in this heat xxx

It's a constant battle to keep things alive and thriving - but it's also part of the fun! When it all prospers it feels GOOD. Do you have tanks? Where does your water come from?

Ok yes
I have always wanted to
But buying is soooo convenient 🤦🏽‍♀️

If you did it as a nomad - like wow!! Then

I am not going to claim it is fact, but I saw an article that claims that a company owned by BGates is creating GMO tomatoes with the DNA for vaccinating us, by chnging our own DNA.

This suggests to me that it is crucial we all find and store as many seeds as we can and start growing/eating our own produce.

They claim that soon only GMO seeds will be available, so please take action now while you can - it is easy and cheap, so why take the risk of it being just a conspiracy theory? If I am wrong, at least you will be eating some tasty veggies without fertilizers.pesticides or herbicides.

I agree we need to be saving our seeds, I have been doing just that, always letting some of my homegrown go to seed. xxx