Today I Bleed To Life!

When I was younger, I had such a damaging perception of what my monthly cycle was. I was taught that it was painful, inconvenient and shameful. I was scared of what each month would bring and so embarrassed that I was bleeding. I had no idea that the products that my mother got for me, were toxic and that I was suppressing a huge part of my healing journey and my expressive self.


I had no idea had empowering that time of the month could be!

As a woman, It gives us such a wonderful opportunity to let go, to release, everything that no longer serves us. We need to make that connection and that is why, during the first few days of our cycle our energy is low, because our body is asking us to take the time to journey inwards. To reflect and connect with ourselves and identify what needs to be released. So that we can really harness our creative energy.

So many women have been and continue to be mis informed about the real power that lies within our ability to bleed each month. Instead of embracing this time of the month, so many reject it, try and ignore it and in doing so, really damage themselves. Because they become more disconnected from their true self and ultimately become more disempowered.

Each month we have this wonderful opportunity to honor what it means to be a woman. To reclaim our bodies, by understanding how they work and connect with the generations of women’s wisdom that flows through our bodies and connects us to our ancestors.


The difference size (and weight) of our uterus from when we are bleeding and when we are not. Hence the heaviness feeling we experience.

So many of us women, have been conditioned to believe that each month we have to suffer with our often do we hear negative comments, do we hear other women complain.

It is time to take back this sacred time and allow our bodies to guide us, so that we can allow the wisdom that flows within, to flow outwards. To fuel our creativity.

For so long this topic has been viewed as taboo, as something that should not be discussed amongst others. Some men even appear repulsed by it.But what a gift we have as women, that we bleed each month and that blood is not a sign of death or illness, but rather of life itself.

How fucked up it is, that something so amazing has been depicted as being shameful. That the magic within our bodies, has been devalued so much. How our creative power has been robbed from us, for so long.


Ever since I began my journey of realization, of fully connecting with my body, I have noticed how much it changes me. How much my energy changes and also how as women, we tend to shine during our monthly cycle, once we embrace it. There is nothing more beautiful that seeing a woman blooming.

This misconception, is an example of how much we have been deceived, how much we have been dis-empowered, by the lies that have spread, by the way in which our most sacred time, has been twisted into something that is seen as so disgraceful.

Even the way in which the products women use, are called sanitary products, products that are used to clean, depicting our cycle as something dirty. How most of those products, contend a lot of harmful ingredients that really damage our bodies.

All of this has been an attempt to disconnect women from their bodies, from their inner power!

But this is nothing new in the history of human kind,how both men and women have been disempowered for such a long time. Disconnected!


I am so happy that my girls, have such a positive experience with their bodies, where we talk openly about a women's cycle and they understand the need, to honor what their body needs. My eldest is excited to begin her cycle, she has been on a wonderful workshop with some of her friends, where each stage of the cycle was connected with each season and how the way we feel in those seasons, is a reflection of how we feel during our cycle.

Providing her with the opportunity, to really identify with her feelings and honor what she is experiencing.

Today, as I write this post, I am bleeding and my body has called on me to take it easy. To not push myself and to do the things that I really love and I happily answer that call. My girls are aware that I am bleeding and they know that I need to have some time to myself.

So today I sang a little and I found the time to lie down during the day so that my body and my mind can focus on letting go, on releasing what is no longer needed. I experience no cramps, only the magic that is happening within my uterus as I bleed to life!





 2 months ago 

You know, I always loved my period. I was never taught to feel shame, and I think Mum's a fairly strong feminist so she would have got mad at anyone who tried to make us girls feel shame for bleeding. Being a nature girl, I loved free bleeding into the earth and the sea before it was a cool thing to freebleed, or before it had a name. It was always such an essential part of my womanhood and it's cyclic nature felt so beautifully tied to all the other cycles in nature. I was explaining that very thing to Jamie this morning, because I haven't had a period in two months and I am transitioning to my crone years (look at me own that, lol, that doesn't come without a struggle I tell ya). I feel quite sad to leave my moon time behind, and need some ritual to come to terms with it.

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crone years

They have their own beauty and cycle.

I was going to challenge crone as pejorative (but maybe you were reclaiming it?): I don't see myself as wizened or diminished but full and healthy and mature, able to provide other things that I wasn't able to do earlier in my life. It's also my time after years of working and looking after others.

I agree, though, it is a transition and I did have my own existential crisis through the past year as I realised that the time that had always been in the future was now here.

I have certainly grown to love it and see how magical and powerful it is, how it really deepens my connection to the earth. Such a wonderful opportunity for us to give something back. Yes you do need a ritual, you are entering another magical part of your life that is for sure xxx

Thank you for writing and sharing this and welcome to your daughter.

Thank you @shanibeer xxxxx