When to use a mental diet

in NaturalMedicine •  7 days ago 

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Slack on my manifestation recently but not to up my practice and game feeling more on it now so boooom it's coming haha 💯🐒

Exelente lo que has explayado en este video, me agrado, gracias por compartir.

It's been so long since I've heard a familiar English accent! Sorry, got a bit distracted by it! 🤣 I've never really looked at manifesting in any way other than superficially before. Perhaps this has come at a pertinent time for me, though.

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Dialing back our mental process and turning down the static-chatter of it so we can just BE in this joyful moment is pivotal. Cos we manifest not what we want, but what we are.

Really nice to see you smiling and exuding health & vitality. Nice. Love to see oyu using @threespeak - the more people who use it as opposed to the centralized censored YT, the more our Hive platform grows.