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Once again, while out and about, I turned the camera downwards, to capture the local plantlife and found another medicinal!


Forgive the shake, please. I was pretty tired by then and the terrain made it impossible to do "hands and knees" photography.

This plant is very drought-tolerant once established, and tolerant of our very alkaline soils. It withstands our cold as well, as long as it's not too wet, so it really won't do so well in a wetter climate.

Here is the sheet I made using my imperfect picture with all the healing information I could find - and the only caution I found. I would not try the scalding protection thing... nor the snakebite one since it doesn't appear to draw out poisons like some other plants can. (Not to mention the fact that rattlesnakes can kill.)

This plant will (hopefully) be finding a home in my herbal garden.


Sources include: Herbpathy, Useful Temperate Plants , Montana Plant Life , Rx List.

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I am not a medical doctor. I am a solver of problems. I do the best I can to research and come up with possibilities that you may find useful, but I cannot diagnose your medical issue, nor can I tell you the best way to handle your situation. If in doubt, seek professional assistance.

When turning to nature, especially in the wild, you must take all responsibility to do due diligence. Using the wrong plant/herb/fungi can be extremely harmful or even fatal. When in doubt, seek experienced help. Note that identical plants/fungi found in a different country may be very different.

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Wow that is a very impressive list of healing properties, and such a beautiful plant as well. I love these series that you are doing, sharing your wonderful finds with us xx

Thank you!

I would love to take gardening more seriously & I'm looking for some inspiration 😉👍 have a great weekend!

Than you! You too!

Nice article, I always learn something with these kind of posts...

Forgive the shake, please. I was pretty tired by then and the terrain made it impossible to do "hands and knees" photography.

It seems that you need to get yourself a new camera with an image stabilizing feature! 😎

This one might have it - hard to say. I'm still getting to know it.

As I said earlier, I do love this series you are doing, sharing all your wonderful healing discoveries with us all. xxx

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