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Let me start off with this:
I'm okay.
I've had a couple of low days, but I know I will come out of them soon enough. I'll get over whatever has been sapping my energy and making me more susceptible to feeling lower than usual.

But sometimes watching everyone give cheerful, motivational posts on this platform isn't very helpful at all... only leaves one with a "it's sure great to be you!" feeling.

And some people suffer from crushing depression that makes them just want to curl up and die. Been there, done that... but I got out. Mostly because I have people who depend on me. I can't wallow there for long. (But I'm not blaming those who are struggling - I will not judge!)

The Black Dog

I am not sure why the black dog became a symbol of depression, but when I watching an ex's dog once, I got a very good taste. The dog (a chocolate lab named Woody) wouldn't do anything while his master was away. He literally laid down at the top of our stairs and looked like death itself. He mourned the absence intensely. Perhaps this is why the dog became the symbol - because there is nothing sadder than watching a dog who looks like he's about to die - simply because his master is away overnight.

Why Do We Get Depressed?

I have a lot of reasons to be depressed at my age (40s).

  • I suffered abuse from multiple directions including an ex-spouse. (So, broken home, when I planned to remain married.)
  • I have had to leave many loved ones behind before it was time - including my own sons.
  • I have yet to have the privilege of raising a cat all the way from kitten to old age. Instead, I've had to leave animals behind, multiple times.
  • I have still not mastered the art of housekeeping.
  • I still do not have my farm, my animals, the things I had planned (30 years ago) to have done by about 20 years ago...

In so many ways (of the world), I am a failure - so I should be depressed, right?

Listen to the words of one of my favorite spiritual teachers... Sadhguru. (You do not have to be Hindu to get great benefit from his teachings... I wish I could adopt him as my grandfather!)

Sometimes, understanding why you are sick is the first step to overcoming the sickness! If you discover you are allergic to peanuts, you stop eating peanuts. Maybe if we can understand why we are depressed, we can stop being depressed!

Sadhguru teaches that we make ourselves depressed, so a change of thinking is required to make ourselves undepressed. (He does not say it - or mean it - with any level of disrespect.)

How to Overcome Depression

I love how Sadhguru makes you laugh no matter how serious the topic is. Many of his teachings are so simple - and based on such basic observations that you might think that you should have thought of it yourself. But sometimes, when you are in the thralls of illness (including the mental illnesses of stress, anxiety and depression), you cannot see that which is obvious to someone else. (Plus, when Sadhguru must be twice my age, he's had plenty of time to think about these things while I've been busy raising children and thinking about all the things I haven't done yet.)

Did you miss his "how to get out of it" part? I did too, but I still gained a lot from his talk. But let's move on to the next thing... (the first half is more of his observations and advise, but then he goes into basic yogic breathing to help reset your brain and vibrations. There's nothing "new age" about it, it's just healing!)

Did I tell you how much I love this man?! I often listen to his teachings because he's so genuine and so wise!

I am going to work on beginning my day with 7 AUMs as he describes in this video and see if it helps me begin more positively. It can't hurt!

Other Ways to Relieve Depression

  • Dietary cholesterol. Rather than a villain, we now know that consuming cholesterol (esp from animal products) is essential for serotonin (your feel-good hormone) to be released in your brain adequately. So, if you're open to eating meat, maybe it's time for that big steak you've been putting off... (If you're veggie, consider supplementing with nutritional yeast to get those B vitamins in there.)
  • Exercise and fresh air. These things help you to feel better, even if it's just a walk around the block or to the end of the road.
  • Comedy relief. Watch (or read) something funny or something fantastic.
  • Learn something. A language (free on Duolingo), an instrument, how to draw or even more of Sadhguru's talks! This will make you feel better about yourself as a person.
  • Avoid toxic people whether it's your obnoxious neighbors, the unhelpful clerk at the store or even (sometimes, sadly) your own relatives. (Or plan to reward yourself for getting through the necessary meeting with as little drama as possible.)
  • Turn off the news channels and skip the newspaper. You can't change the national politics anyway - stop letting it depress you!
  • Prayer and Meditation - focus on your deity and/or spiritual guide for strength and perseverance.

I hope some of this helps you if you're suffering from the Black Dog of Depression. Please let me know if Sadhguru has helped you at all (and watch more of his videos on YouTube to help support him in return.)

Note: Image is from PeakPx.

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Everybody has their relative depression. As I have seen, the more you aged the more problems you face. Sometimes we should, let it go..

Yes. It's part of the human condition. I am always telling my husband to "let it go." It's not important now... But some days are harder... and one still needs someone else to help you to remember the truth.
Thanks for stopping by.

All those people who post happy shit all day long are filling your feed with just that: shit.

It’s a facade. Nobody is that happy.

I feel your pain. I’ve had it all ripped away many times. I learned to stop caring so much. This stellar reputation I’ve developed for the emotional support I routinely offer others because I genuinely give two shits about their drama...LOL. It’s calculated for self amusement.

I suspect it's more about what they think the appearance should be... i.e. they pretend to be that happy so that others think they're that happy and follow them...

There are exceptions though - and that Sadhguru is one of them. He's old enough to know better - and old enough to genuinely not care what others think - but he wishes to help others.

I've lost more than I thought I could stand to lose... but I'm still here somehow. I am not very good friends with Life. I write to save myself - and maybe help others avoid some of the things that have hurt me. But we all have our unique pains and challenges... and we keep going until we can go no further - and then usually quite a long ways after that.

Such an important post for these times. This isn't the first post I've read this week about depression and I'm sure I'll continue to read more than usual in the coming weeks. So many of my HIVE friends, including myself, are going through waves of it given the times.

I feel a Sadguru binge coming on...

Much, much warm love, for you and all your suffering, and the smiles you have the world despite it, or perhaps because of the lesson's you've learned from it..

I agree... Since the beginning of this year, I have had great concern that the human cost of isolation, fear and loss of control will be far greater than the human cost of any virus.

I plan to listen to more Sadhguru today as well. ;-) (Love that man!)

Thanks for your visit.

I have also felt depressed lately. I'm doing my best to get out of it myself at the moment so I can relate a lot. Thanks for sharing and yes, those all too positive posts sometimes have that effect on me as well. I'm sending you strength and healing energy 💚

Thank you - and same back to you. This is a heavy time right now and most of us will struggle to pull ourselves out of the mire of 2020.

A little upvote in appreciation from The Natural Medicine team. We hope your week is going well. Don't forget we've got a Natural Medicine 'Sacred Feminine' challenge happening at the moment, and we'd love you to enter. You can find more information here. Much Lotus Love!


Thank you!