Leaving The Cave - A Hypersensitivosaurus story that we can all relate to

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After a lazy day yesterday, with way too little exercise, I decided to make up for that today and walk to the forest and back ( which involves quite some ascending and descending ), a serious workout.
In the forest, sitting at a little waterfall, I wrote the following story ( see the notebook snapshots ), I'm sure many of you can relate to this. I also drew my favorite raptor.

The coloring was added after the walk.

Just now, I added a couple of sentences, to add to the story.

Here goes yet another hypersensitivosaurus story:


Hypersensitivosaurus had made a huge mistake, he had hibernated throughout Spring and now it was Summer and dry ( and there was less food ). He had missed an entire season.

Not because he had forgotten to set his alarm, but out of fear, fear spread by everyone around him, especially *the fear hare.


Aside from missing out on an entire season, the time of the year known for re-awakening, rebirth, growth and so on, he had gained weight due to all the snacking and lack of in-cave exercise and developed a dry cough, almost as if he'd spent too much time near an active volcano or wild fire.


He felt like and old man dino, an inferior version of himself but, as soon as he left his cave for a short stroll ( ashamed to show his raptor unworthy body to the world ), an ember inside of him started glowing, turning into a small flame. It was still there, deep inside. His energy, his life force. It just needed loads of exercise, starting today.

Hypersensitivosaurus felt a little shaky and it seemed like his usually healthy red had faded quite a bit, due to lack of daylight.

He needed to poke at his internal fire with a stick, to stop it from dying out. His stomach had become so fat though that this action barely tickled him. Poking would not do the trick, more serious measures were needed to keep the fire going.


*I shortly refer to the "fear hare" in the above story. For more info on this character, here's two posts that I wrote in March, when the virus was emprisoning many of us ( in The Netherlands ) and you could almost smell the fear. No worries, I like to think that even my stories on serious themes are light and, at times, funny:

The Fear Hare Posted three months ago

Another Hypersensitivosaurus story on the fear that I felt hanging in the air, back in March

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Always ever-creative with these short stories. Thanks for the read Hypersensitivosaurus

Thank you for the comment, Justin. Much appreciated.
I hope all is well and will check out your family's blog soon :<)

Happy the Hypersensitivosaurus discovered his inner fire was still there and began to get it growing!

Cute story, with a cute dino!

Cute story, with a cute dino!

Even with a fat tummy? ;<)

Yeah, the inner fire is still there. Always!

P.S. The fat tummy ( and cough ) is based on a couple of elderly men in my village, who clearly got little exercise in the last couple of months.

The dino,cute, even with the fat tummy! The elderly men in the village with the fat bellies- m-m-m maybe not so much!

Hahaha! I 100% agree. I intend to never become an overweight elderly man, if I'm blessed to reach old age. ✨

Hmmm we should get some cough syrup for the dino:) I wonder what kind of flavour he would like

Something not too sweet, not too sour, not too salty and not too bitter. He's hypersensitive after all.

Uuu picky dino😊

Hypersensitivosaurus sure knows what he doesn't like. That's the first step towards leveling up ;<)

Good point

Too bad Hyper is vego, should have eaten that damn hare XD

Hahaha! Yeah, that doesn't help.

On the plus side, there will be planty ( meant to write plenty ) of plants and fruit around pretty soon.