Leveling up takes time - From Hypersensitivosaurus to SuperZENsitivosaurus

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He had been lurking inside his cage cave for about a week and although outside the sun had been shining almost continuously, the darkness had managed to creep in. It had been trying to take over his body and soul. He was stronger than that though and reminded himself that darkness didn't really exist, that it was just the absence of light.

So one day, he just stepped out into the light, started talking to those close to him, soaking up the sun rays, swimming in natural water, living life to the fullest.

He leveled up instantly and the SuperZENsitivosaurus - that was looking back at him in the smooth-as-a-mirror lake - felt like an entirely different creature.

It was interesting to find out that a bunch of animals started to reach out to him now, asking for a helping hand or a piece of advice. They were clearly suffering, struggling, much like the hypersensitivosaurus that he had been in the past.

Part of him really felt like helping them out, lending them a hand, but there was also a voice in his head that told him that he should really focus on himself first. That he still had some work to do and that focusing on the drama of others might still drag him down.

The time had come to prioritize himself and the world around him, first and foremost. He made sure to keep strengthening his body and mind, and to only help those that reached out to him, if he really felt up to the task, not out of guilt or pity.

He needed to be in a good feeling place as much as he could, otherwise he would never be able to help others. He was tired of draining his batteries again and again as it seemed like every time this happened, charging them to full power took more effort than he'd like to admit.

Therefore he continued adding bursts of power to his reptile batteries, by doing all the things that he loved to do, as often as he could and by being more playful about the things that he liked a little less but that just needed to be done.

The world deserved the best version of him and he promised to make sure that it got what it asked for...


This could be an interesting story for a children's book. You already have the drawing for it.

Awesome response! I guess you found my blog just now.
If you go here - https://vincentnijman.dblog.org/ - and scroll down/ go back in time, you will discover that this started out as an attempt at a computer game, then novel, then children's book but I'm still working on sculpting a shape that really feels right.

Have a great day!✨

:) That's amazing. I think from the 3 option, it would fit better as a children's book, but hey you can turn it in whatever you want. I love your creativity. Have a great day also !

Thank you for your kind words and feedbacks. Much appreciated!

I actually already wrote 50k words, last November, for a novel. The hypersensitivosaurus story was written by the main character, a writer, inside that story ( a story in a story ), it then became the main story of my short stories / children's book. Nevertheless, I can't help that it's floating somewhere in between a children's book and a story for adults and like to think that it could be as fun for those who read it to ( their ) children as it is for the children itself.

Bye for now!✨

“The world deserved the best version of him“

Amen!! 🙏

You know it buddy!✨

A wonderful story. A story with a positive message that many of us identify with this SuperZENsitivosaurus. I am a hypersensitiveaur in the process of evolution to I become a full SuperZensitivesaur. Thank you for sharing it. A pleasure to have read you. :)

Thank you for your kind words :<)
It's awesome to evolve, we just need to be open to it and I feel that you're aware of that.

In case you feel like reading more about this unique reptile, here's all my supersensitivosaurus stories: https://vincentnijman.dblog.org/

 7 days ago 

I love this, so much insight and self care being promoted, so many of us could take from these teachings, myself included. Yes the world deserves the best version of yourself, indeed, such a wonderful message here xxxx

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@trucklife-family Muchas gracias, amiga! I will do what I can to keep spreading the word of self love, self empowerment and mindfulness overall.

Un abrazo ❤️

The more we take care of our energy, our Light and our self-Love, the better we are and thus, the better everyone around us is. We emanate health and our very environments resonates with it. Good for you, my friend!

Exactly, my fellow light worker friend :<)

Taking care of ourselves always comes first. We can help others after we help oueselves. Have a lovely week Vincent!

Thank you. I hope you're doing well and taking good care of yourself these days 🤗

Thanks, it's kind of you to think of me, I wish the same to you🤗

dear vincent,

this writing and insight is so beautifully accessible.
the humor, intelligence, and spiritual delight inspires and gentles the soul.

thank you for your genius.


Awesome to receive a comment of yours.
Your kind words are truly appreciated and you making it to this space will without a doubt add value to the platform.✨

Um abraço!