The Olive Pickers aka Am I Getting back into Film Making?

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Today I decided to help out friends ( let's call them A and B for now ) with harvesting olives on their land. I almost made an excuse not to go, had lower back pain the days before but I decided that would probably just make me feel guilty and not necessarily healthier or happier.

So I decided to go olive picking, instead of spending time behind the computer. We had an amazing day, just being outdoor in the sun. It's late October and Autumn here, with cold mornings and evenings, but that still means bare foot, taking your shirt off weather as soon as the sun comes out. We were slowly picking olives, making our way from tree to tree, and talked about all kinds of interesting topics. More importantly, we hardly mentioned 'The Thing'( that gets way too much attention this year ), which surely helps to feel good.

It's also not a bad thing that A. worked as a chef for many years and that I enjoyed lunch ( prepared by B. ) and dinner prepared by A. and B. during the day, as well as manifesting chocolate and cake and even a chess game just before dinner.

Let's say that I volunteered my time and awesome company ( not getting paid in money here ) in exchange for meditative, hands on, outdoor labor in - and with - nature in good company.

We also got to talk about film making. A. has wanted to make movies for a long time and I have been on a movie making break for almost two years now and seem to attract more and more people who want to get into filmmaking. I tend to pick up signs from the Universe these days ;<)

I also couldn't help telling A. that 'The Olive Pickers' ( people harvesting olives and having conversations about life would be a cool format for a series / show ), if it doesn't exist already.

To make a long story short:

It seems like I'll be getting back into film making soonish and I'm excited about that.

I'm looking forward to being part in what seems to become a documentary project about Portuguese traditions ( like olive picking and making olive oil ). As well as about foreigners ( like A. , B. and I / Me ) who moved to Portugal and are trying to find ways to be more than just 'invaders' looking for an escape out of the system. People like us who actually try to find ways to be of help to the community.

I'm excited to be part of this and to share more of this with you all in the near future.

In fact, I might go back to olive picking with them tomorrow, to brainstorm about this even more. I even consider moving to their land one day soon to be part of their project ( they are working on getting some kind of food forest set up there in the coming years ) on a daily basis.

For those who are wondering:

No, I won't forget about Hypersensitivosaurus. I still plan to continue working on this story / my writing too. In all honesty, I like to think that doing the aforementioned is gonna give me the energy needed to actually work on my writing too.


 22 days ago 

Wonderful way to spend the day! That sounds like an excellent idea for a film series - looking forward to seeing it manifest!

Thank you for the confirmation and little extra boost to make things happen :<)

'tis the season, I'm really looking forward to harvesting Olives around here - NOW does seem to be the time, they are saying 'pick me'!

Sounds like you had a great day and the film sounds like a most interesting project.

You plan to harvest olives too? Awesome!

Hi yes there's a lot of trees on the land I'm staying on! It's really time to get cracking with them I think, we might need some more buckets first though.

That's cool to hear! And yes, big strong buckets are kind of a must. Blankets to put around the trees to catch falling olives are helpful too.

We've got nets! Near enough good to go!

I am very interesting, I even see olive fruits and eat it but I never to see olive tree. They are difficult to pick or not?

they are very easy to pick, you just pluck them from the trees ( and the trees are not very high and don't sting ). You can't eat the olives from the tree though. They are way too bitter :>)

I went olive picking once, it is pretty easy compared to I guess cabbage picking or something XD

Yay for getting back into film making, the potential project sounds interesting :D

It's easy ( depending on the size of the trees, the amount of branches and their location ) and kind of meditative.

Yes, getting back into filmmaking will be fun. No doubt about that.

Congratulations to A and B, definitely taking a day to harvest the fruits of Mother Nature, in these days of extreme things, is something that fills you with energy.

It definitely fills you with energy. Today I visited their land again to help them with gardening and I got to taste their freshly pressed olive oil. Loved it!

Exciting 🙂Looks very beautiful there. I'm glad to read that you seem to feel inspired 🤗

It sure is exciting. Got back to their land again today and I returned at the end of the day full of positive energy. I hope you're well :<)

I am so really happy that soon I will get to see you in action (films) ;D
Not sure what it is but whenever you say anything about filmmaking, I want to quit everything and join in that project. Even though I don't know jack about filmmaking.

I want to help, but I don't know anything about filmmaking so to compensate my lack of knowledge in this field. I am going to suggest names for your documentary.

Let's start with

"Farming Abroad"

I know... I know, I will go and stand in the corner next to @ryivhnn san.

Hahaha! Glad to make you excited. You can probably feel the energy all the way from here. I would love to have you take part in one of my film projects in the near future. Let's keep dreaming about. Perhaps one day we can make it reality...

I can teach you a bit about film making, it will have a very 3d bent though as I can do whatever the hell I want with everything 😜