When you're hungry, eat. When you're thirsty, drink. When you're tired, rest.

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After the first treatment that he received of Mrs Porcupine, Hypersensitivosaurus had felt extremely energized. That feeling had lasted for a day or two.

And then the opposite happened...

He woke up with a head full of snot and started sneezing a lot - something he hardly did when healthy.

Throughout the day, he kept blasting bacilli and mucus all over his cave floor and, worse of all, he seemed to be without the strength or enthusiasm to clean up after himself.

This continued on for a couple of days.

He also felt extremely tired. So much so, in fact, that he slept two hours after lunch, every single day.

And, aside from all that, he just couldn't focus. Not even on the simplest of tasks.

For once in his life, he just wished that he could actually do less without feeling bad about that lack of so called 'productivity'.

His body clearly needed to rest and it told him to take it easy. He hadn't listened to it for way too long and it was screaming now.

It was time to change this around, to really be attentive.

Feeling low on energy and high on snot

didn't make him less inspired though.

He felt a strong urge to write, but a lower back pain made it almost impossible to sit down. And then he was reminded of his sweaty little friend - Otter...

Remember that guy from 'otter nonsense'?


He decided to get back in touch with Otter - who he hadn't seen in a month or two - hoping that his friend could transcribe for him.

It was Summer though and, logically so, Otter felt like spending a lot of time in the water. So, it was tough to get a hold of the guy.

At times like these, Hypersensitivosaurus wished that he could hire somebody like Otter full time, to transcribe for him.

He might not always be able to write physically, but the inspiration was usually there and the worst was not being able to write when he really felt like it.

Otter was helping him out for free though - merely because he was one of the few animals around who could actually write ( and listen ) and because it was one of his passions - and therefore Hypersensitivosaurus just needed to make do with an hour or so of transcription time, once or twice a week. He needed to make the best of the couple of hours when Otter wasn't at the river, when the hairy little fellow wasn't swimming or sweating.

mrs porcupine.jpg

It's Good to Be Sick

Anyhow, it was easy to blame Mrs Porcupine for his lack of energy his change in health - it was always easy to blame others or otters - but, instead, he decided to just be happy with the fact that there was a lot happening inside his body, these days.

Mrs. P had clearly triggered something in him, with her needles, and this imbalance was exactly what need(l)ed to happen.

There was a lot of work to do and he was up for it.

His next appointment with her was postponed for a week and - although he was looking forward to seeing her - it was alright.

This week would give him the chance to level up even more and get the necessary rest.

get some rest.jpg

when you're hungry, eat
when you're thirsty, drink
when you're tired, rest

Great advice, difficult to follow up on, for most people. easy peasy for animals and human babies.
Very wise words by some wise man or woman.

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Good one.
One thing I always do when tired is to take a break and rest. This gives me strength to work later on

Keep it up! Seems like you're wiser than most of us ;<)

Yep ! that's what I follow too... when you are tired, rest.

Awesome! I am working on getting better at this. ✨

Good advice. Funny it needs to be said, but really, it does!

It is funny but...

luckily, funny is my middle ( or should I say last ) name.
Feel free to call me 'Funny Vinny' from now on ;<)

We often blame ourselves a lot when we are not productive people, we always feel that we have failed in something and we condemn ourselves to not getting any more rest. But in the end it is always important to know that it is also good to rest and lie down to look at the ceiling to recharge your energy.

Imagine what happened to you with acupuncture, a boom moment and then you needed to rest, means something's working right, it's doing maybe even clean-up therapy.

I hope you feel better. I send you lots of hugs to make you feel better too hahaha. ♥

in the end it is always important to know that it is also good to rest and lie down to look at the ceiling to recharge your energy.

Or, even better, in the grass, looking at the clouds ;<)

You get it. I have often felt lazy and felt the need to explain to people ( even my own parents or siblings ) that I'm actually doing a lot when they're not seeing me, even though I'm not working in a job.

Also, my brain is always working hahaha

Imagine what happened to you with acupuncture, a boom moment and then you needed to rest, means something's working right, it's doing maybe even clean-up therapy.

It sure seems like something is working. Lots of cleaning-up needs to be done haha

( Your ) hugs always make me feel better.

Un gran abrazo de vuelta a ti ♥

Awe! So sorry Hypersensitivosaurus is feeling poorly but happy he is taking care of himself listening to those wise words to:

when you're hungry, eat
when you're thirsty, drink
when you're tired, rest!

Your kind words made him feel better instantly. Dinos aren't always as strong as they seem. They also need plenty of rest but that isn't easy when you're genetically made to run.


Sounds like Mrs Porcupine was just what was needed!

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Just what was need(l)ed to be done ;<)


I kind of chuckled while reading this because currently I'm exhausted because while J (generally correctly) says it would be better to get more sleep so I can work more, when choosing between going to sleep or getting some work done (especially if I haven't had done any all day) I will always choose to work XD

The acupuncture could have switched some things around, and yeh sounds like Hyper really needed some rest XD

Glad to hear that I at least made you 'kind of' chuckle. I hope you'll unlock the power to actually get some rest in future similar situations. We only become less productive - and healthy - when we're tired but aren't listening to our bodies.

There's a difference between knowing things and doing them though ;<)


Totally. I'm also unreasonably stubborn XD

I knew that much ;<)

Good advice!

No one writes quite like you on the blockchain @vincentnijman. You remain one of my favorite authors on Hive.

I could say the same about you, Justin, but this is very nice to hear.

I guess my primary school teacher ( Barbara ) wasn't just being kind when she told me she liked my stories and would love to read my book, if I ever published one ).
This was almost 30 years ago.