Juggling benefits us in several aspects, it keeps our mind and body in constant activity, this exercise strengthens our muscles and in turn we exercise the 2 hemispheres of the brain, since, we use equally all parts of the body, mainly both hands, without leaving behind, legs, feet, torso and head. This activity requires the person to be very focused on the movements of the objects and also of their body, which helps generate greater concentration. This concentration is a great support to control stress because we forget everything that surrounds us or worries us for a moment and we are oriented towards the game that must be done with much tranquility and patience, obtaining the relaxation of the body.

By performing variousmovements such as balancing, throwing, gripping, changing planes or objects, we obtain greater agility and our reflexes are more awake, we work onour body's motor skills, helping our coordination.

Vision is one of the senses that favors juggling games, since, one must carefully observe the direction where the objects are thrown, opening the visual field, obtaining a wider peripheral vision.

Being an exercise that demands a lot of coordination, the rhythm also comes into play, having the task of synchronizing all the movements.

As it is a complicated exerciseit deserves a lot of effort , discipline, perseverance and training,while having fun.At the beginning of this practice people will find themselves with many mistakes, accepting failure as a learning process, seeing the mistakes in a positive way and thus improving more and more every day. When overcoming the obstacles the desire toovercome increases, dominating a movement you will already want to perform another more difficult one. The level of complication can become infinite, as well as the tricks and variations of tricks. When a complicated movement, trick or throw is completed, it is the self-esteem that comes out triumphant, thus improving the relationship with oneself.


This activity is not exclusively individual, it becomes more fun to be shared with friends and family, making competition or team games such as: gladiators ( jugglingfight) , resistance of quantity and time in game, pen-keys (juggling adapting volleyball rules), races, collectors of objects, passes of 2 or more people, among other games, is a completely social activity that will give you many friends to share and enjoy theWONDERFUL WORLD OF MALABARISM .


Nowadays there is a lot of research about juggling as a therapeutic use. It has been scientifically proven that learning to juggle generates changes inthe white matter ofthe brain. This matter makes up 60% of our brain and is located in the subcortical structure, which is formed by the hippocampus, cerebellum, amygdala and basal ganglia, each of these nuclei has different locations and specific functions. For example, the hippocampus plays a fundamental role in memory processes; some lesionin this nucleus could generate the appearance of Alzheimer's, among other things. For this reason, jugglingis also used as a preventive treatment for this disease and even after being diagnosed . It also helps to fight depression, decreases anxiety and as it raises your concentration they are also of great help in treating autism.

Juggling is also physics and mathematics, each trick iscomposed of a number pattern that draws different geometric figures when performing the throws. Each throw in turn has a number assigned to it according to its height and change of hand. The height and time of each throw is determined by the level of force used. The more height, the more force is required. For example, to start juggling three balls and have a continuous movement, one ball goes after the other in a three-beat count, each ball must reach a specific point of height in order to throw the next one.



The technology has also reached the juggling, there are applications that are generators of tricks , which include predetermined patterns that can then be customized. These applications work in a progressive way, for each pattern you complete you unlock a new trick. Juggling lab is a special application for jugglers, it can be of great help both for beginners and advanced jugglers because besides having the basic patterns to start juggling with three objects, it offers you other trick possibilities, with more than three objects .


Like juggling, music is also mathematics. In my personal experience as a music student, learning juggling has improved my performance in rhythmic studies as it has considerably improved my attention, allowed me to listen more to my internal pulse and to keep a more calm internal count of each time. So I have always thought that including juggling activities for musical initiation, without any age limitation is a good exercise to start listening to your internal pulse since you are always counting.

The art of juggling is a very ancient activity, there are hieroglyphs of Egyptians playing juggling and balancing objects. Nowadays juggling is classified between traditional and contemporary juggling. The difference is that the traditional juggling is based more on throwing up, balancing, quantity of objects, while the contemporary juggling derives from games and contact of the object and the body including also a little dance.

In the photos I shared I find myself doing a community activity with my classmates. Because of the pandemic, we artists have had to lower the curtain for a while and take shelter at home with our lovedones . However, in all the chaos that can result from all this it is always good to give smiles and connect with people even at a distance. Thanks to juggling I have also met wonderful people along the way whoarenow part of my emotional and spiritual growth. I like to talk about the activities that I apply to my life today and improve my performance in all senses, the idea is always to help us grow and that is why I want to share this article as my first publication in this beautiful community.

Thank you for reading me.


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This is so awesome. Very interesting info about the curious art of juggling.

Congrats, @vivitinerante!!!

Esto me hizo recordar una serie llamada "Pataclaun".

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Juggling is so fun to watch! I have congenital mirror movement disorder, which means my nerves are crossed causing my left hand to move at the same time as my right hand involuntarily, so things like juggling are too difficult for me. I've always been fascinated watching people juggle and now learning about the breadth of the benefits they're receiving, I'm even more fascinated! You all look like you're having so much fun! I'm glad that you're able to get out from behind lockdown again and do what brings you joy! :)

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