30k+ LOTUS delegation for those who participate in Youtube Outreach - Cross Culture Collaboration

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I just bought me a bunch of LOTUS. The reasons are many. I love the Natural Medicine community and all the friends I've made who participate in it. I love how open-ended their concept of "medicine" is. I often write about healthy thought patterns and habits and this is also considered Natural Medicine, as is food, healthy lifestyles, homeschooling, healthy relationships and music and art.

I love how Natural medicine's front end came about not from their organizers ambition but out of community excitement. I love the positivity that comes out of the community. I love how it's the easiest thing to show my friends to get them more interested about Hive.

I see how successful Leo's been and I'm happy for them (us, I participate in Leo too). I really like how @khaleelkazi said Leo's goal is to bring 100k new members to Hive. I feel inspired to try and mobilize both Hive Cross Culture which I run, and Natural Medicine which is where many of my Hive friends gather and try and expand this great ecosystem and get people excited.

I hope other communities can have a similar goal and work together so that each community is onboarding new members that will easily find a home in their front-end or community. This will be easiest with communities that have their own token.

That's why I'm giving away 30k+ in LOTUS delegation to people who participate in our project to leave GOOD comments on Youtube that mention "Hive.blog" and "Natural Medicine"

This is part of Cross Culture's Youtube Outreach program. We want to collaborate with different communities to mobilize our community and find more effective methods spreading interest in Hive and particularly our different communities

1 Leave a meaningful comment on a video

A video that could easily fit into the Natural Medicine community. Anything from homesteading to psychedelics to yoga to healthy lifestyles to philosophy and spirituality. At the end of the comment make a casual invitation to Hive and NM "BTW I think you'd fit in at Hive.blog . We have a community over there called Natural Medicine, it's full of amazing people."

2 Drop a link to the video in

Leave the link in Cross Culture - #youtube-links and mention your user name at YT so we can find your comment.

3 click on other YT links and "like" the comments about Hive

You can do this 3-10x a week.

I will be delegating a total of 25,000 LOTUS to 5 or more people who are the most active in this project and who are involved in the Natural Medicine community.

Every month I will re-evalute who has been active and re-delegate based on that.

Why Youtube?

How did YOU find Hive? I found Hive (or Steemit) from the comment section of a Youtube video. It wasn't even my favorite channel, it was a random video where I was curious about the comments, and the top comment was about Steemit.

Meaningful Youtube comments are one of the best ways to get the word out about Hive because they are much less prone to being blocked by algorithms, you can target certain people based on videos and people often read the comments while they are watching a video, so we are targeting the entire audience, not just the video creator.

Note: Please make preference for videos with 50-200 comments. The chances of your comment getting seen on a video with 100,000 comments is slim to none, and it'll be difficult for us to find it to "like" it.


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Don't spam videos just talking about Hive. Please leave a meaningful comments that actually speaks to the content creator and audience.

See you in Hive Cross Culture Discord!



Come join us in Hive Cross Culture where we talk and share ideas about Culture, language and travel and share any bilingual content. Join our discord

We also have a @crossculture account curating bilingual posts and running contests to support local communities. If you like what we do, please consider delegating to @crossculture or follow our trail 🙂


I'll think about it, I got 1k youtube subs.

What's your YouTube channel? Mine is Self Help for Trolls

Mine is Rez night

This is indeed an awesome idea my friend. Much why I am in my 100 Discord Groups I am in... part of my Building Positive Bridges mindset... connecting people and communities on HIVE, STEEMIT, DISCORD, and even YouTube.

The people at Natural Medicine are indeed wonderful people... good for you for providing such an awesome opportunity for people. Much love and positive energy your way...

Trying to help but so far no one has showed that much interest 😭

Many things going on. No reason to stop helping or spreading positive energy. It's the thought that counts my friend!

This is a great idea sir. 🙏👌

 13 days ago 

Fabulous, and amazing to get people via Youtube. We run a Twitter but it's hard to find the time to do much more - open to all marketing ideas for LOTUS and HIVE! 10k delegation is a great chance for someone to become a bigger stakeholder. Great stuff as usual @whatamidoing - and we love having you as a community ambassador.

HIVE needs youtube presence badly