Embrace the fear

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Embrace the fear
There is no reason not to

If you don't embrace it, it will swallow you
It will consume your thoughts for weeks or years
or lifetimes

It will pull on your strings like a puppet
running you off a cliff or into an abyss

It will cause you to harm others
and yourself

It will rot your body and turn your thoughts against each other
It will freeze your heart and burn your bridges
It is you rooting for the worst case scenario

It will no save you
It will not give you peace
It will always be there, and the more you fight it, the stronger it will become

If you embrace it, you can move through it
You will cut those strings and be free to move as you please
Life will reflect the change in you
and doors will open
At some point you will forget that you are making decisions because each decision will just seem like the obvious choice to you
It will all feel good, even when it doesn't
You will move closer and closer to perfection
Even in the chaos you will see the perfection
and revel in every single second of it
no matter what it looks like

All things disappear
no matter how hard you try and hold on to them
Everything changes
no matter how much you try to keep it the same

This is not a disaster
This is a chance



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Hi buddy,

Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned this write up in my Mindful Life curation the day before yesterday ( in case you missed it )

Find the full curation post here

Hope to talk to you tomorrow ( or when you read this, today),