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It’s really easy to fall into the trap of looking at things in terms of reaching goals. We do, after all, come from a tradition of competition and a culture that encourages us to “fight” for our survival. This kind of mentality certainly has its place, when resources are lacking.

Once we begin to move into abundance, we can take the opportunity to graduate from such a mindset. Life becomes less of a struggle to survive and more of an artistic collaboration or means of expression. Some of us get there intuitively even while we’re still engaged in the struggle which can create some really interesting contrast.

From the perspective of the struggle, it makes sense that we set goals and strive vigorously to achieve them. If we realize though, that life is communicating with us, we can see where it’s guiding us and act accordingly.

And sometimes it seems as if it’s forcing us, unwillingly into situations that we don’t want to be in, that it’s pushing it’s will upon us. In the short term this may be the case, but this is always to teach us of some deeper desire or lesson which we wish to learn. It is responding to us, our desires but also our darkest fears, and guiding us to overcome them and step into being a full time collaborator with life.

The more we step into that role as a full time, reliable collaborator with life, the more we feel how each struggle serves us. It’s not always easy and everyone’s road is different. We can’t imagine the difficulties others feel to reach this state, for some it’s easier and others more challenging, all we can do is focus on our own connection to life and try our best to step into the shoes that we are meant to fill.

I’m not perfect at this by any means, but I’m beginning to see how what I call “bad” tends to be directly responsible for what I call “good”. What I feel as negative is always an opportunity to find a new positive. Getting fired from a job is an opportunity to become independent and find a new, more suitable way of living. Health problems are an opportunity to know my body better. Ugly politics is a chance to reflect more on how I contribute to the world. Unfair treatment is a chance to find peace or to love myself more.

...there is merely the work I have to do in between, and it feels less and less like work, the lighter life gets.


 12 days ago 

Yes it's so important to trust in the flow of life and work with it. This is not something that many of us find easy as we spend a large majority of our lives being told what to do by others. Great message here my friend, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us xx
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