I Just Needed One Avocado 🥑 Meal Planning vs Buying The Glut

I already had dinner well and truly mapped out in my brain. Dahl (already cooked and in the fridge), steamed baby bok choy and a spicy rocket salad. I had everything sorted and in the fridge. I DID, however, want to get in a few early evening desk hours, so I thought I'd just grab one ripe avocado for a 5pm munchy for my currently-homeschooling 15 year old daughter. To buy me some extra quiet and focus time. As it happened, I was at Dr Wang's Chinese Medicine Dispensary picking up some herbal magic, and I was less than 5 mins walk from my fav organic avocado guy. Too easy.

And then it all unravelled.

2.30pm on a HOT Monday afternoon. The Kad Luang market was already deserted and the vendors had an air of quiet desperation about them. I consistently buy from the same reliable vendors with organic produce, and so "my guy" lit up when he saw me.

"Madame! So happy you back to my shop. Today I have avocado just the way you like!!

And it's true. He did. A LARGE tray of avocados needing to be eaten within the next 1-2 days and zero customers imminent. Usually ripe and ready to eat is sold out by 11am and is the source of much discussion between us - the restaurants snap up all the "perfect today" avocados and the rest of us have to buy housebricks and wait. LOL. I have been buying from this guy for years. I chose two avocados and gave them to him to weigh, thinking I was being generous.

"Madame take 1 kilo today? Very hot and tomorrow ting."

"Ting" is the Thai word for "throw out."

"OK. Give me one kilo", I answered, smiling but mentally already beginning to rethink dinner.

"Madame like purple potato. From mountain people. I remember Madame like! My brother grow but restaurant no buy anymore. You need 2 kilo or want more?"

And so I left with this:

MealPlan1 2.jpg

And 2 kilos of organic passionfruits that he also remembers I like. He has an excellent memory. 🤣

Total cost? Just under $5. Eight avocadoes (he threw in 2 exta at the end, "for loyal customer", 2 kilos of organic mountain purple potato and 2 kilos of organic passionfruit.

Driving home I had no less than 4 internal conversations with myself running in my head. First conversation I was mentally shelving my plan, reorganising limited fridge space and rethinking how to redo dinner and not waste. Second conversation was about western IG & social media people I follow and their seemingly absurd ideals of preparing a week's meals and smoothie fruit in advance. As if nature delivers Her abundance in neat amounts to suit our waste-not mindset and schedule. 😆 My third mental conversation was about conscious shopping-eating and how people seem to leave the ethics of buying from people we know out of the equation. Knowing the person makes it so much harder to decline, cos you have to look him in the eye when you do. Fourth conversation was about connection to our organic supply chain, and how if HE can't sell all (or most) of his avocados and purple potatoes and passionfruit, then next year he probably won't be there anymore.

What kind of world do I want?

I almost never meal plan. And I eat intuitively, at weird hours. But during Covid-19 with a radically reduced income, I've been trying to use EVERYTHING well and buy only what we need, rather than tossing it on the compost (with thanks) when plans go awry.

It's HARD to learn to know your farmers personally, cos it somehow makes it very personal when they have a production glut. And yet, if we don't reschedule ourselves to accommodate our farming friends, we will have no right to complain when organic doesn't mainstream. So, I shelved my evening work plans in lieu of cooking and concocted a simple meal to use as much purple potato and avocado as possible.

First - scrubbed and sliced the potatoes lengthwise and popped them into the steamer. Yes, almost every rice cooker in Asia these days doubles as a steamer. So handy!

MealPlan3 2.jpg

Are these mountain potatoes not amazing? They're NOT sweet but have a lovely creamy texture. Dripping with cancer-preventing anthocyanins.

MealPlan2 2.jpg

While they were steaming, I made an improvised guacamole.

MealPlan5 2.jpg

The little Thai mountain avocados from Chiang Dao are world class in flavour and texture. At their peak - he was not wrong and gave me his best.

MealPlan4 2.jpg

15 minutes later I had this ready to plate:

MealPlan6 2.jpg

I made a bed of potato:

MealPlan7 2.jpg

And served the guacamole over the top.

MealPlan8 2.jpg

Seriously filling (we struggled to finished it) and a very nutrient-dense meal. Yummy. Very yummy.

What am I doing with the rest? While I was writing this blog just now, I enjoyed a mango-avocado-lime super smoothie which my daughter made in her class break. With coconut milk and moringa powder. And this evening we will try again for the guacamole at 5pm and the desk time that wasn't yesterday. Steamed purple potato on the side for dinner tonight, with dahl and rocket salad. The baby bok choy is very fresh and will keep just fine another day or 2. The balance of the purple potato I will steam, dice and keep as the basis for a salad in the coming days.

Feeling for my farming friend - for all our farmers.

Thinking we have a collective responsibility to buy whatever organic they have, rather that picking and choosing to fit our preconceived and overplanned ideas and IG meal plans. For us, this week, that means mango everything. LOL. And mushrooms, fresh greens, purple potatoes, lychees, pomelo and avocado.

It's tough living in paradise but I guess someone has to. 😍 🤣

We talk about consciousness with food:

  • the growing
  • the organic
  • the seasonality & food miles
  • the preparation
  • the mindful cooking
  • the shared mindful pleasure of eating

I think we should add another layer into that conscious food process: the relationship we can and should have directly with the grower, which means BUYING when his eyes are full of despair and his avocados are at glut levels due to restaurant, hotel and resort closures.

I'm going to visit my avocado man again tomorrow, and thinking about some different morning smoothie ideas using avocado. Thinking to try a #3speak video to show you more, too. Stay tuned.

Enjoying the moments. Grateful. Blessed with Abundance

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Looks delicious that meal! And what a great price 5 bucks for so many delicacies :) Never made guacamole, maybe I should try :) Smoothies with avocado in it are my favorite! Love the creamy taste avocado adds to a normally quite boring shake :) I'm always happy when spring/summer arrives so the smoothies contain so many ripe fruits and veggies

Avocado smoothies ARE the best! - nutrient wise AND taste wise, if you know how. 😍 A life without guacamole is a life unlived... 🤣 get on it. 😊

So, fruits & vegetables in Thailand is fully natural?

By natural you mean 'organic", I think? As in no pesticides? Sadly no, not all. But more and more Thai farmrs are learning to grpw organic and discovering it brings them a better return - both in terms of health and money. The Thai government actively promotes and subsidizes organic.

Nice! Very nice!

I will try your recipe 😊 I love sweet potatoes and avocado

I hope you post about it - please tag me when you do. 😊 Thanks so much for stopping by to read and comment. Yes, avocado and mountain potatoes is a rather yummy combination.

I will do it soon... Thank you kha

Wow wow wow!!!! That is soooo exciting. I wish I could be in your place with a grand haul of a beautiful bounty of all those gifts. I love sweet potatoes and especially the ones that are only a little sweet. I had some the other day with white inside and pink outside. I wanted a sac of them after that they were so good.

How glorious to get a load of avocados. I would just dive into that guacamole. I never bought one avocado in Thailand but I think they were expensive at the time.

All the best!!!😊

You have to know WHERE to buy outside the tourist zones - they are almost never expensive cos Thai people don't like them. 🤣 Speaking Thai and living in a very non-farang-Thai neighbourhood is a gamechanger. I just got back from my #wednesdaywalk and even I am amazed at how lovely this place is. Still. After 17 years. And I found cashew nuts growing wild at the temple. Look out for my post tomorrow. 😊

looks like a read deal, I hope you enjoyed it🙏😋

Thoroughly enjoyed, thanks you - and superb value. #kitchengoddess. 😆

sounds good 🙏

Hey @artemislives, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico for you. Enjoy it!

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Oh, look at the color of the potatoes. It's delicious I guess.
Happy meal!

The purple potatoes ARE delicious. Home cooked meals are always happy meals, shared with thanks. 😍

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

Notte calda, birra fredda... 😍 un grande abbraccio. x

Yum. I love glut meals.. You get inventive. And they are simple too. Avos here... never taste as good as Qld ones. Craving avo and lime.

QLD avos are OK - you have to try the yummy little ones here one day. Given how close you are to Glastonbury, surely you have avos aorund?

Why would there be avos at Glasto? So confused!

I'm not crazy about avocados (i.e.: I don't like them at all), but those potatoes look amazing!!

The potatoes WERE and ARE truly amazing. Absurdly cheap too. 😆


Those colors! Love the look of those not sweet potatoes too and how purple they become after cooking.

I miss proper avocados. The last two that I bought ( here in The Netherlands ) were expensive and of disappointing quality. So called "Ready to Eat" but the first one was hard and watery and the second one was rotten when I thought it would be ripe.

It's tough living in paradise but I guess someone has to. 😍 🤣

I feel for you.

I think we should add another layer into that conscious food process: the relationship we can and should have directly with the grower, which means BUYING when his eyes are full of despair and his avocados are at glut levels due to restaurant, hotel and resort closures.

A beautiful thought and one ( out of several reasons ) why I try to boycott supermarkets as much as I can these days. I discovered a biological farm near the house in Eindhoven where I've been staying these months and go there several times a week. I literally see the cows that produce the milk and cheese there, the chickens that lay the eggs that I can buy and the people in the fields.

I need to find a way to grow my own veggies in Portugal ( difficult as I'm not always there ) but for now my twin sister's fruit trees and veggies mixed with those I buy from my local vegetable and fruit cart will need to make do.