Jobs Tears & Roasted Vegetable Salad

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Jobs Tears are a kind of seed - a Coix seed, to be exact - and cook up something like barley. They are astoundingily nutritous and an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine food. I wrote about them about 10 days ago (Jobs Tears: Cooking for Gut Healing) in relation to a friend recovering from abdominal surgery.

Jobs Tears are a food I want to eat OFTEN. Apart from being yummy, encouraging gut healing, being very high in protein and also being gluten free, Jobs Tears reduce allergic responses in the body and are a great food for those of use who sneeze, itch and wheeze easily. Jobs Tears soups are great, but how else to cook them?

This is one of my favourite, simple meal-in-a-bowl ways.

Jobs Tears Roasted Vegetable Salad.

JobsTearsSalad1 2.jpg

First gently boil some Jobs Tears in a pot full of water. Bring them to the boil and simmer on low for about 40 mins. Strain but reserve the liquid for making healthful drinks another day!

JobsTearsSalad2 2.jpg

While the Jobs Tears are cooking, you can clean and roughly chop your vegetables for roasting. Today I chose Asian purple potato, pumpkin, onions, zucchini and carrot.

JobsTearsSalad3 2.jpg

I drizzled them with rice bran oil and a little mineral salt, and put them in a hot oven for about 30 mins until they looked like this and were tender when pricked with a fork.

JobsTearsSalad4 2.jpg

While the Jobs Tears and roasted vegetables are cooling, you can clean and finely chop some fresh tomato, spring onions and fresh corriander.

JobsTearsSalad5 2.jpg

Apart from the salt, the two flavours I usually choose for Jobs Tears Salad are cumin and fresh lime.

JobsTearsSalad6 2.jpg

Toss it all together, and add a little more salt and pepper to taste, if needed.

Too easy!

Filling, nutritious, something different and an incredibly healing meal in a bowl.

I served ours on a few Wild Pepper Leaves from our Thai garden, which were flavourful and yummy munched down.

JobsTearsSalad7 2.jpg

This salad keeps well for a few days in the fridge. Probably we'll have the rest for brunch tomorrow, with some sliced fresh avocado and baby cucumbers on the side.

Salads don't have to be boring, and plant-based food is as creative and interesting as you want to make it. Experiment with textures, flavours and ingredients. Eat with relish, good appetite and with gratitude. And never forget to always cook with love and joy - cos they make everything taste better.

BlissednBlessed. Nourished.

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Now I have something else I wonder if I can find here! So amazing how much Mother Nature provides. I'm sure I'll never do more than scratch the surface of all the bounty of wholesome plant foods that abound across the globe. Love getting even a small peek at what can be found afar.

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 11 days ago 

I'm always mentally numb when people complain that plant-based foods are limited or boring. LOL.... they just need to get out more!! Every other day at the market I see things that I'm curious about, am not sure how to prepare or had simply not thought to use in a certain way. Just yesterday I saw rose apples and suddenly thought to try an Asian-ish waldorf salaf with rose apples and roasted cashew nuts. Giving some thought to that. First I have a spicy pomelo salad firmly in my sights!!


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It does look like a very healthy meal indeed @artemislives, Job's tears looks like a corn :)

 11 days ago 

We believe not just in healthy, but in foods that lead to great energy levels and THEY MUST BE YUMMY & enjoyable to eat!!!

Appreciating the diversity of veggies and plant foods available in a tropical country - we are so blessed!


These kinds of food when incorporated with beneficial bacteria or if you eat probiotics with it will make you benefit more from its nutrients @artemislives :)

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Oh, I know this! I've had it before, it tastes yummie, but I never knew it was called Jobs Tears. First I thought that has to do with an unsatisfying job, and so I was properly curious to see this posted by you! Hahaha! Okay, then I figured out that it must be a person, someone like Steve Jobs, whose tears they could be.

 11 days ago 

haha... you're funny. Jobs Tears are named after Job from the bible - becasue they are plentiful, like Job's Tears were during the afflications served (allowed) on him by God.

They're chewy and mild tasting and soooooo easy and cheap for cooking. And originate here in South East Asia.


Hahahahaha! okay, now I really had to laugh! How did I not think of Job from the Bible? (Pronounced Jobe) Of course, now it makes complete sense.

 11 days ago 

Just think - in several hundred years from now the Bible will have (again) been rewritten again by some well-meaning person, and soon everyone may enjoy wise words from the Book of Steve, and the Jobs Tears will be whispered to have been shed over the horrors of microsoft. LOL.

You're funny!!

!ENGAge 15

Hahahahaha! You're the one who's funny!

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That salad looks super tasty and colorful 🤗

 11 days ago 

Thank you! Yes - we always aim for rainbow plates and a really diverse range of clours and textures. Nice to see you swing my to comment - thank you.


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Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

 11 days ago 

Really appreciate that - thank you. 😊

Wow that looks delish! I remember eating the jobs tears way back in college. It was sold along the street, crispy and good to eat the salty ones. In the Philippines, you can find them being deep fried by street vendors. I also tried the boiled one and it was delish too. Oh those happy college day memories... thank you for sharing.

From where can we order Jobs Tears ? I would like to try this out.

 8 days ago 

Curated for #naturalmedicine by @justinparke.

Back again with more tears, but nothing to cry about I guess. What a lovely recipe and post. There were a lot of purple potatoes on Hive this week, now I've got a craving. I still can't get over how much Job's tears look like barley.

Thanks @artemislives.

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