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RE: Jobs Tears & Roasted Vegetable Salad

Now I have something else I wonder if I can find here! So amazing how much Mother Nature provides. I'm sure I'll never do more than scratch the surface of all the bounty of wholesome plant foods that abound across the globe. Love getting even a small peek at what can be found afar.

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I'm always mentally numb when people complain that plant-based foods are limited or boring. LOL.... they just need to get out more!! Every other day at the market I see things that I'm curious about, am not sure how to prepare or had simply not thought to use in a certain way. Just yesterday I saw rose apples and suddenly thought to try an Asian-ish waldorf salaf with rose apples and roasted cashew nuts. Giving some thought to that. First I have a spicy pomelo salad firmly in my sights!!


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