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RE: Jobs Tears & Roasted Vegetable Salad

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Oh, I know this! I've had it before, it tastes yummie, but I never knew it was called Jobs Tears. First I thought that has to do with an unsatisfying job, and so I was properly curious to see this posted by you! Hahaha! Okay, then I figured out that it must be a person, someone like Steve Jobs, whose tears they could be.

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haha... you're funny. Jobs Tears are named after Job from the bible - becasue they are plentiful, like Job's Tears were during the afflications served (allowed) on him by God.

They're chewy and mild tasting and soooooo easy and cheap for cooking. And originate here in South East Asia.


Hahahahaha! okay, now I really had to laugh! How did I not think of Job from the Bible? (Pronounced Jobe) Of course, now it makes complete sense.

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Just think - in several hundred years from now the Bible will have (again) been rewritten again by some well-meaning person, and soon everyone may enjoy wise words from the Book of Steve, and the Jobs Tears will be whispered to have been shed over the horrors of microsoft. LOL.

You're funny!!

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Hahahahaha! You're the one who's funny!

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