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Hello friends,hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Ton is the term mostly used while purchasing new air conditioner. It confuse majority of people as Ton is the bigger unit of Mass, Before telling why we use ton to determine the capacity of air condition. I would like to tell you little about Ton.



Ton word is derived from TUN which is actually a biggest volume cask. This cask capacities varies from 175 to 213 Imperial gallon (which is almost 1.2 times greater than US gallon). The weight of cask is almost 2,000 so this is a little history about Ton. There are three type of Ton

  1. Short Ton
  2. Metric Ton
  3. Long Ton

One short Ton = 2,000 lbs or 907.2 Kg
One Metric Ton = 1,000 kg
One Long Ton = 1,016 Kg


Now it's time to explore Ton of Refrigeration.

Tons of refrigeration differs from the ton of mass. Ton of mass tells about the mass of substance while Ton of refrigeration tells about the capacity of air conditioner. Now a big question is about the history of TON of Refrigeration.

In olden time when there were no air conditioner people cool big buildings like cinema hall, big places by using ice block. They use short tone of ice which is approximately 2,000 pounds weight and melt it in 24 hours.

When air is below on 2,000 pounds ice. The temperature of ice increases till it reaches O degree Celsius or 32 degree Fahrenheit. At this point ice absorbs heat as a result temperature will stable and the ice started melting. To melt one pound of ice require 144 BTU energy. If we apply simple mathematics, we can find out how much energy is required to melt one ton ice.

2000 lb x 144 BTU/lb = 288,000 BTU. So, this mean we need 288,000 BTU to melt the ice at 32 Degree F in 24 hours. Now divide the value by 24 hours to find the number in 1 hour

288,000 BTU/24 Hr = 12,000 BTU/hr.
This means one ton of refrigeration = 12,000 BTU/hour.

We can calculate the refrigeration of any by using this factor. Suppose 5 Tons refrigeration means it can remove a heat of 60,000 BTU/hour.
Hopefully you will understand the difference between Tons and Tons of refrigeration.

This is my little effort for friends who often confused about these term. I hope you will like my today's post. I would love to read your opinion in comment section.Wish you a happy and blessed life ahead. Have a nice time!

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