Spreading Awareness And Choosing How To Empower Ourselves!

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I have always liked to be informed, because how else can I make any decisions, if I do not know, what my options are. Mostly I trust my intuition, but that comes from a life of learning, of connecting. I like to see all sides, I have always been fascinated by the many ways in which we human's like to live. Because all of us have different paths in life and we get to discover them by having the opportunity to explore, having the freedom to explore.

But that is something that is being taken away from us, yesterday I wrote about how we are under attack and indeed we are. From what we are allowed to see and hear, to the food that we have available to us.

We are at a critical time in our lives, we may try and deny that, but this is a huge transition that we are going through and we need to make sure that we are in our full power, so that we can deal with whatever comes next. We can see this as an opportunity to create the life we always wanted, a final push to put us on the right path. If we are aware that is.

So what helps us in becoming more aware?

We need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. To examine what we believe and why we believe it. What we are being told and what we are not being told. We need to re examine our relationship with the world and ultimately we need to connect with our inner self. Because deep down we all know if we are being told the truth, we just have to break down the many layers that have been put in place, to prevent us from connecting with that place of inner knowing.

For some of us, that may be something we have already done, and for others it is not. Our lives revolve around a system that was put in place to dis empower us. A system that trains us to listen and obey, from an early age. One that is deeply embedded within, one that helped to bury deep, our intuitive self. Because if we were all left to really think for ourselves, image what the world would be like. We would not be where we are now!

So here we are, at a time and place where change is inevitability. A change that has probably been written on the cards for quite some time, but by all means can be re written, we need to remember that no matter what they tell us will happen, none of it has happened yet!

When we begin to look at our lives, we really need to be aware of what we are consuming. To remember that everything is connected, that the food we eat has a huge affect on our ability to analyze and to think critically. If we wish to be truly alert and receptive, we need to be consuming foods that are full of energy and vitality.

Think of foods that you can harvest and forage yourself and that you can eat soon after. All food begins to loses it vitality once it is harvested. So imagine how much energy you receive from processed food, or food that has been sitting on a shelf and full of preservatives,

These are not the types of food that we should be eating. Yes they ease our hunger, but we end up using our energy to consume them, instead of gaining energy from them. One of the most powerful ways to help ourselves become more aware, is to start to grow our own food and to forage. As well as consuming high energy food, we get to slow down and connect with ourselves, to spend more time outside. Nothing clears my head and helps me put things into perspective, more than being outdoors. To take time out, so that we can begin to see the bigger picture, by simply stepping out of it.

We need to take this opportunity to really work on ourselves, to reflect on the choices that we have made and to identify the things that are holding us back, or suppressing us. Like I said already we need to be in full strength for the next part of this journey. To be selective about what we choose to listen to and whom.

To find our way back to ourselves, so that we can focus on healing and empowering ourselves. So much is being unveiled at the moment. Unresolved issues may begin to return, so take the time now to sit with them and learn from them, take the time to work on yourself. Everything is connected and we all cause ripples, all of our actions can help to fuel what is happening or to dismantle it. This is where our power lies!

We are all creators, so focus on what you wish to create!



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Here in Chile spring is slowly starting to bloom and it will be time to forage, I hope to see my vitality return with all the goodies that will be available. Love how you're constantly reminding us of the importance of what we ingest, big hug and much love!

Thanks Fenngen, just doing my little bit, much love to you too my friend xxx

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