There Is Nothing Social About Distancing

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I find myself wondering, how long it took for them to come up with the term social distancing. It is such a contradiction. How can we be social,to actually come together and yet be distant from one another? But of course they use these terms to manipulate us, because they know we are social creatures and that we need to come together at times and celebrate life. So thy use words that appeal to us, to help us conform to their madness.

Because that is exactly what it is, madness!

Today I got to attend a wee party in the forest, the annual punks picnic. Of course there was concern that the police may turn up, but there was no interference from them when I was there with my girls.

People still come together to celebrate life where I live. That is one thing we have to hold onto. I am sick of going on about numbers, but it is all there for people to see. And yes we keep hearing about new cases, but the test they are using is not reliable. Once again there is so much information out there about this, about the numerous false positives.

And now we have the World Doctors Alliance, which held a conference in Berlin on the 10th October.They are Medical professionals and peace activists speaking out about Covid, who say that the fear of covid is not true and that they have a duty to speak out. Their aim is to bring the truth to the general public. They are calling on all medical professionals and scientist's to speak out also.

At the end of the day, if someone is sick, they stay at home, it's called taking responsibility for yourself. It has proven that this 'virus' is not passed on by asymptomatic people, which when you think about we all, are when we are well. Yet they tried to convince us that we do pass it on, when we are not sick. Feeding into the fear, that they created.

I do not accept that narrative, instead I listen to those brave enough to speak their truth. People who are not working for the governments, who are working for us the people. They are the people I will listen to and to what resonates with me. I really hope that most people watch the above video. It calls on us to unite and to act together. Taking back, our power to create what we want to have in the world.

They all talk from the heart, you only need to listen to the above to realize that. Included in the video is Dolores Cahill, someone I am a huge fan of, she is a renowned scientist and immunologist and if anyone knows about viruses and our immunity it is her. She has been speaking out since the beginning of the lockdown, she is a powerhouse, doing interviews with people from all over the world, whilst been discredited and threaten by those who wish to disempower us.

In the video above, she explains so well how our immune system works and how we are able to fight viruses and she highlights the importance of nutrition.

Attending the punks picnic today, was another reminder of what is being taken from us, if we let them. Yes we all face consequences for not abiding by the laws they have tried to impose on us. But what is the alternative, a life where we can no longer, enjoy life together. I for one, do not accept this new normal. What they are proposing is not going to be my reality.



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I at first looked at the new normal with the proper dose of curiosity, thinking that maybe somebody up in the White House, the State House, or one of those official places was acting in good faith. At the moment, the only politician up there that I can bare to listen to is our president. I respect those of a different opinion. However, I don't think our government needs to necessarily be involved with everything. I mean, heck. I was out with my two best friends at a restaurant today. I had no fear at all. I of course followed the precautions, wearing a mask while inside, and so on, but I fear neither COVID-19 itself, nor getting it. Only thing I fear? Getting it and accidentally giving it to my family (in their sixties), or to either of my two best friends (in their twenties but with medical conditions). The other thing? Not sure why the natural approach for preventing this isn't looked at in complement with the scientific method; after all, both have their merits.