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RE: ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 5 #2: What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

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Very cool, I like that you are preparing! The best thing we can do is be prepared. Remember when things started to get hectic with store shelves getting cleared? We stocked up ourselves a week before that craze hit. It’s good to be prepared for anything. That’s what the powers that shouldn’t be don’t want, prepared citizens. Unprepared people are begging for help where prepared aren’t.


Yeah, honestly, I wish I wouldn't be worried and felt that it wasn't needed, but seeing our shelves and freezer plus fridge quite empty compared to a while ago, makes me a bit nervous because what if.. And you know if it's not needed, at least we have some reserves for when we do. Or if we get ill, we don't have to go out to get some.

Probably the worry will soon change to calm and let it go once I see we won't have an issue with food if something happens. I honestly hate dealing with these situations because it feels like the governments can jump through hoops any moment and you never know how idiotic that is. Oh well, deal with it, I guess :)