Question Of The Week #23: Blow The Whistle Initiative! 100's of Hive in Prizes

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This week QOTW is getting serious! In a nutshell... we are asking you to blow the whistle on something or someone and reveal a secret! It could be something to do with work, or when you were part of a group or committee making decisions .. it could be anything however big or small. Why are we asking you to do this? We are asking you to reveal a secret for a few reasons. One reason is to see how many of us do hold secrets that reveal something about the way companies and this world operate.

It is my belief that Whistle-blowers will be the final step toward the end of predatory capitalism and the shift to a better way of life. We have the technology now to all have our survival needs met very easily, and even to experience great comfort and abundance. What stands in the way of us being allowed to live and have our basic needs met without having to sacrifice our whole lives? The system stands in the way, and continues to hold us back. As we push through this COVID19 pandemic, and our systems and economies get weaker, its ability to hold us back will also weaken. It is my belief that it is all held together by one common thread... secrets!

Imagine if everyone suddenly started speaking out and sharing about the things that they are not supposed to share? Imagine if this happened en massse! Imagine if together we all learned of the real truth about our world and how it has been operating. No aspect of our lives would be sacred any-longer, and together, in unison i believe we would throw off the system that has kept us small, misinformed, and utterly enslaved, for thousands of years. That is all we have ever known in this epoch in time, but as the great cosmic clock knows, that time is a changin'.. as we move into a new time, and a much more positive world.

So this week i want us to put that seed out there into the blockchain and into the world. There are enough of us posting on the QOTW for us to make a difference, however small it may seem, just by thinking about and posting about this. By revealing a secret, you are clearing the path and opening the door for others to follow. This is why this QOTW is serious stuff, because I believe that the time has now come for us to all start revealing our secrets that may be harming others or this world. We may used to have frowned on telling the truth, but it is time to for change. It is time to celebrate and honour those who have been brave enough to stand up and speak out.


So this week I would like to honour you for blowing your whistle! Those of you who share a good post will not only get the usual submission for amazing @OCD and @blocktrades votes, but I will also be awarding hundreds of Hive to the ones that really stand out. The highest reward, if we have a post that really stands out, is 100 Hive. Other posts will get anything between 20-50 Hive, depending on the number of submissions and the quality of the posts. Ill also be up-voting with 100% with our combined 100,000 Hive Power (including our trail voters) for all good posts. Let's make this a good one folks!



"Q. Blow The Whistle Initiative! 100's of Hive in Prizes

We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this QOTW.

- Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.

You can change any names or locations if you prefer.

- You can post anytime from now until Wednesday 21st October

- You must Subscribe to the ecoTrain Community to post.

- Please also post a link to your post in the comments so that I will be sure to find it and add it to the weekly tie-up post.



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100 hive per whistle blow?

I have quite few - several years in 'the escort business', meets, parties etc.... in the west end of London - and then living in Hollywood for three years - I've quite a lot of stories...
( I would never mention names - probably more than my life's worth... definitely in fact, plus my own integrity would be compromised by doing that, so... no..).

I could give you the stories without the specific names - just general overviews - to serve as example of the liars and hypocrites that are rife within 'the system'...

THAT, I could do...

I can't wait to see it

which ones? - there'e a lot more than 1

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Hello! Here is my whisstleblowing contribution... Thanks for this initiative...

 6 days ago 

I'm not sure it totally answers the question, but I do wonder if everyone knew that some kind of critical mass uprising could stop all the bloody nonsense going on in Victoria at the moment and affecting people's livelihoods? Anyway, this is my pitiful attempt at an entry.

I was writing this and suddenly realised it's a good fit for this topic.

I am blowing my whistle about a TV channel. Actually I don't know whether I s...

I am blowing the whistle on office politics! Thank you for reading!