Moles in the Garden? - Humane Remedy

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Moles, voles, and gophers are common garden animals across the northwest U.S. These animals usually only eat grubs, slugs, and insects, but their diet is not what causes so many problems for gardeners.

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As you may well be aware, moles and similar creatures are burrowing animals, and even though they are not herbivores, their burrowing can reek havoc on your garden plant's root systems. If the damage gets bad enough, they could not only stop your plants from growing, but kill them all together.


When you suspect you have found mole holes, it is important to act swiftly so they do not further invade the area and claim it as their own. There are many different ways to keep these creatures out of your garden, but their is only one that is humane and I am comfortable with.


What you see here is a solar powered sonic mole spike. One of these can cover a 7000 square foot area. This device works by emitting a sonic signal/vibration directly into the ground that mimics the distress call of another mole when a predator is near. This artificially warns other moles to stay away from a specific area.

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Typically another important part of making a prognosis is quickly identifying which animal actually made the hole. Mole holes are usually recovered by a small mound of dirt they leave behind, or the mound is at least right next to the hole. In this case, there was ZERO tailings left from the digging which I thought was very strange.

Aside from the missing tailings pile, every other factor pointed to moles being the culprits. The holes were about the right diameter, and they stretched longer underground than I could reach into them. But I could tell that there were curves in the holes as well, indicating that the burrowed tunnels were steering in different directions - also indicative of moles. One of the holes went directly underneath one of my plants. If that had kept happening it would have killed it.


After seeing holes dug in different spots in my raised bed, I decided to take action and purchase a sonic spike. During it's initial two day solar charging cycle, I caught the animal causing the disturbances red handed - and to my surprise, it was not a mole!

baby shorty.png

When I went into the backyard one evening, I caught a CAT trying to scale the side of the shed and make his way into the raised bed area that is fenced off. Our Shorty kitty used to use that area as her own personal litter box before I installed the fence, but she also kept other cats off the property. Since she passed away recently, it looks like I will be the one protecting the borders. You would think a dog would do it, but they have to care enough - which the ones here do not.

20200627_161948  2.jpg

I stuck the solar powered sonic mole spike in the ground anyway, in hopes that the strange and abrupt noises it gives off will also be enough to keep cats away. I don't know what that cat was digging for, or where his dirt piles went, but I sure hope this tactic pays off. Wish me luck!


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Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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You forgot the weedcash tag bro! I think it is a perfect topic for it. Moles are a pain in the butt, great post, I might have to give this a try.

whoops. Thank you.

Check out this Star-Nosed Mole - talk about bizarre!


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Oh and here's a pic of the whole body - mole chicken anyone? SO if you see one remember - its NOT an alien.

moley moley.jpg

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