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RE: ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 5 #2: What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

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A few good tips here and good to see you mentioned mental stability also; That can take work and is an area many neglect.


I think mental health is often ignored in these scenarios unfortunately. It bottled up and turns into some pretty tough scenarios sometimes like fighting and arguing. Having mental breaks is definitely important, kids especially!

You know, over all the years I've been into preparedness I've only ever met a handful that put any thought into the mental aspect of it. They're happy to prepare for an EMP, for civil unrest, nuclear war...But never for how they may feel or handle being the only one left on the planet (for instance), or for the residual feelings around killing for survival or protection...Or killing animals sometimes even! It's really weird but that's how it is for most.

I think the pandemic has highlighted that issue though, for some, and many are becoming a little more focused on the mental and emotional aspect.

Yeah no kidding. Those people are intense. For good reason but on the other token doing that stuff all the time and having such focus without doing other things to get your mind off that is bad, I think! We all need a good book and some LEGO around to just mess around and get our minds off stuff lol

A good book or Lego does the trick sure enough. 😂

Well, for simple folk like me anyway!

Oh, you reminded me that I also have a few books. I bought them some months ago, but haven't touched them yet. So these are indeed a good option to ease the mind as well..

I think that's true yes, I've noticed many are more focused on it since wave 1, especially as there was a higher suicide rate in many countries. My boyfriend's friend hung himself as well, and I have a friend who knows 8 people that took their lives since the pandemic. What I also notice is that people are more open about struggling mentally and open to online coaching or support.

The isolation due to the pandemic has been both a good and bad thing I think: Good in that it has brought these issues to people's attention and they seem more willing to open up about it and bad that many haven't been able to cope and have taken what they saw as an easier option. Suicide.


Yes, agree. I noticed the first wave I didn't have enough to offer sometimes for my daughter to be creative with, so I have been collecting many craft/paint/draw supplies during the summer, now she honestly never gets bored which helps a lot. But still, if we would be on edge with each other all day that wouldn't be good for her .. Really trying to be aware of that once irritations pop up. But I feel we have managed to find a decent balance most days. Granted, there are on edge days but these often arise due to other reasons, lol...

Thanks :) Well, I have to admit we had a bit of a rough time the first wave for a few weeks, and I longed for my daughter to be able to go back to school and boyfriend to the office :) lol, god that was good when it was time!

Of course, being in a super tiny apartment, with only 1 bedroom, not being able to take a breath from each other didn't help for that either. On top of that, construction noise 6 days a week from morning to 7pm. That can drive one mad easily if it's ongoing for a few years (which it was ugh).

I felt free when moving to this apartment, space is better and we have a huge park just outside so we can go for a walk there or work out. So yeah, the groceries are only one point, if we drive each other nuts while having all the food in the world, what does that help?

I found that being creative with my daughter and doing some LEGO really eases the mind, granted, our building with LEGO aren't anything like what I've seen in your posts (lol) but I'm happy she has another thing she can be focussed on for hours.. better than her being in front of TV...

It's good to keep one's mind occupied and Lego is a good way to do that, for me anyway, and I think you also found that. It wold be cool for you to do some Lego posts in the LEGO community if you like - They don't have to be big builds like I do, just anything really. Either way, it's good that you found some methods to keep occupied and prevent yourself from going completely crazy!

There's a LEGO community :o ok, got to find out more .. thanks for the tip!