Blackwater Healing 🏞️ Sabana Park 🌴 Suriname

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Some awesome Hive friends took us to Sabana Park for some blackwater healing on the edge of the Suriname Amazon interior.


Suriname's Healing Blackwater

     We have been living under a blanket of stress and nerves for more than a year, and we don't have enough financial resources or freedom of movement to escape the migrant life in the city much.

     Thanks to some awesome Hive friends (@rafaelchan & @faustofraser), @Sreypov, the @KidSisters and I were able to experience our first trip to the edge of the Amazon interior for some blackwater healing and commune with nature.

from left to right: @sreypov, @kidsisters (Srey-Yuu, Monkey-B), @faustofraser (narrator)

     Rafael and Fausto picked us bright and early on a Sunday morning with only enough time to escape the city for the day and return before nightfall. Suriname has weekend lockdowns and nightly curfews now, so if you can't escape the city before dark on Friday, you're stuck until Sunday, and now til Monday, as Suriname has now been experimenting with a longer weekend lockdown.

     It was quite a long drive from Paramaribo to Sabana Park, but the vibes and scenery change drastically just after Zanderij and the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport. Past the airport, Suriname starts to become a pretty wild place, and it's truly awe inspiring.

     Having spent 10 years in Cambodia, a country rampant with deforestation and potential landmine hazards in what remaining forest there is, a journey off the beaten path to collect firewood could result in missing limbs or worse. Suriname's Amazon jungle is very much the opposite, full of old growth trees and safe to spend time in minus the animal hazards of course.


     Fausto recently mentioned to Sreypov that we look perpetually tired, and this was an accurate statement, although it's part of "new normal" I guess, so we've learned to function this way. Living in a one bedroom apartment with two daughters that haven't been in school for 6+ months plus 4 underfed dogs constantly barking leaves little time for a mental reset.

     Sabana Park was the sort of healing we needed, and it's clear from the smiles in the video. It is sometimes the most basic of things you need to reclaim your sanity for a brief moment and remember how life should be lived. I can't express how still the place was. When we arrived at the cabin and turned off the car engine, I immediately became aware of my breathing.

     The jungle was truly mystical, and it was also my first time to swim in blackwater, which is basically a cold-brew tea made with Amazon jungle leaves, full of tannins. The water was surprisingly cold, cold enough to take my breath away at first. It's impressive a country without mountains near the equator has water this cold that isn't spring fed.

     We spent most of the day there, rotating between eating, swimming, meditating, going on nature walks, and napping. As we headed back to town later in the evening, I found myself already missing the place and wondering why we can't be stranded migrants in a more serene locale.

     I'll be posting more soon about Sabana Park, and will have many pics to share, but wanted to get this video out, as it brings me great joy to see the @KidSisters smiling so much. They have deserved something like this for far too long.


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Monkey B



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I'm glad I waited to ask how you experienced the healing power of our waters because I knew reading about it days later would make a good trip down memory lane :)

About the video; I should stick to But, I'm happy that you enjoyed the results of me testing out your camera. Looking at it now I can remember thinking how I felt the first time I came in contact with black cold creek water. The joy on your faces...priceless :)

When things get back to normal we have many more spots to visit, to heal, to relax, to escape citymadness, have will be there

Yes, it was a magical experience, even just walking to Zonnebloem Markt to get away from the barking dogs for an hour is a vacation for us.

If this is the case, you can imagine how much this trip meant to us. Let's hold tight and wait for things to get better. Have a happy lockdown my friend.


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Oh man, this makes me miss the black water even more. Before this whole pandemic thing, I used to do this kind of thing at least once a month almost. Safe to say I feel trapped in my own home now, so I can somewhat imagine how that apartment of yours might feel. Glad to see you and your family could enjoy a small piece of the natural wonders this country has to offer.

When things get back to normal, feel free to include me if possible @faustofraser :)

It was an awesome experience, we had seen blackwater once before, but not the best place for swimming. Even though we live in the biggest place we've ever lived in here in Suriname, it's way beyond our means.

When we try to find a studio apartment the 4 of us can live in, the owners usually won't rent to more than 2 people in a small space. I guess it seems we are too poor just to exist here, and that's really frustrated us. It has become too humiliating to look for affordable housing here.

Needless to say, the Sabana Park was a nice break from all our nightmares, stress, and worries, and I give thanks to you @rarej for stopping by, looking forward to meeting you eventually.


There is a mentality problem in Suriname of pricing any kind of rent way too high and usually in foreign currencies. The inflation hasn't been good for this mentality either. And not just rent prices. Surinamers sometimes try to sell of really old things for almost new model amounts. I saw a post on Facebook last month where someone was trying to sell one of those old classic fat tv's for SRD 1000. 😂

Living is becoming more expensive here as well. In the past someone in their twenties could buy property and start building a house, but now if it weren't for my parent's and parent's in law supporting me and my partner, we would not be able to live in our own home.

Not every seller or landlord is bad on out for money of course, but they are hard to find nowadays.

This is why it's nice to escape these thoughts every now and then and immerse yourself in nature with a group of friends and or family. :)

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A real Irie place that man. Glad you guys got some time to get in tune with nature and build up the vibrations. The video looks well clean, I really need to put out more vids, interestingly that used to be my major form of content.

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Give thanks @dmilliz. Yeh mon, back in Ste*m days, I remember you being the first person I knew on the blockchain using Appics. I'm now geared towards 3Speak.Online these days. Any plans to resurrect ReggaeTube?


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Nothing more fun then spending time with family and what a nice place to be doing it 👍

Yes indeed, a very different experience compared to Cambodia. The forest is full of life here, such a calming place.


That is nice to know we need them sort of places to ease our stresses 👍

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