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Intrigue has recently expanded to trace luxury frameworks that rely heavily on vegetables and foods grown from the ground with the introduction of meat and dairy products, due to the amazing nutritional benefits of vegetables and organic products, but after the long-term use of pesticides and synthetic materials in horticulture.

So here are the foods that can be developed at home and the methods for doing so.

Before you start planting, there are general tips before you start upgrading your home, including:

Choose the right place to plant so that it is exposed to the sun in any case 8 hours a day.

A starting section for the nursery is established according to the region, and a suitable location is specified for each type of vegetable or organic product to be developed.

Bring an appropriate amount of sand suitable for its manufacture in the nursery of plant and natural products, and it is ideal that the height of the sand is not less than 30 cm, and you must make sure that the sand is freed from any toxins before placing it in the place designated for the nursery.

When buying plants, it is desirable to look for different types of shrubs of plant and organic products, to look for a variety of assortment and to buy shrubs in a better way than to buy beans because shrubs help you to know the original space that each plant needs.

Separating the nursery vertically, especially with the development of vegetables, by creating a "pergola" between each type of vegetable so that each type of growth can be developed greatly.


The organic product can be developed on the top by placing it in a chamber with a width of 1 foot by a depth of one foot, and the holder must have gaps from the base to drain abundant water and locate it in a radioactive place with great attention to preparation, and the chamber must be made of a material acceptable to withstand the components of time. Many natural products take a long time to age.

Learn about the types of vegetables and organic products that you can fill in your home, as you do not need to bother with large areas and can be divided as follows:

Local vegetable :

The Garlic

It can be developed well by picking a group of large, large garlic cloves, chopping them and placing the pieces inside the dirt, taking into account the division between each of them by about 1 cm, at which point spread the dirt with straw, compost, and leaves and see it in a place exposed to the sun and with good ventilation.



It is a fast-developing vegetable that can be harvested in a short time frame, by purchasing lots of pepper seeds, planting them in a clay pot and leaving them where the daylight reaches.



It develops carrots by cutting off their heads, placing them in water and leaving them until new roots sprout, after which they can be transferred to dirt until they grow and produce carrots.



The potatoes will take about 7 weeks to be collected, and all you need is to chop the potatoes in the center and cover them in dirt, keeping in mind that you water them frequently.



One of the vegetables that is difficult to develop at home, by taking a lot of lettuce leaves and putting them in a bowl of water and leaving them in a place exposed to the solid sun, and leaving them until they begin to form new roots, and then it can be transferred well to the dirt.


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