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RE: What's with the weight? Do you believe our true Wealth is our Health?

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Maybe focus a bit on the comments people leave you instead of just on the pending rewards.

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Really you want me to buy into that. There are many I can name who make multiple posts in a day and earn equally big on all of them but looks like they dont come under your skimming list.
And please check all my posts I reply to all my comments received in a span of 24 to 48 hrs.
Anyways I am powering down

Nainaz, I've always loved and supported you, but if I might interject here, Acid actually did reply to you and quite nicely and reasonably really. Yes, there are accounts that post a lot and earn well, but there are way more that don't. I see a lot of effort that goes mostly unrewarded and those people would be over the moon to have what you have still gotten even after the downvotes.

Please don't take this personally. It's not what I've come to know of you as a thoughtful, caring person. I know that a downvote can be upsetting initially, but if you take a moment you'll see that the ocd downvote doesn't even remove the ranchorelaxo vote.

Your diplomatic skills far exceed mine! :-)

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@joshman, I hear you out on your comment.
The 60 and 80$ vote is for Commitment, Dedication, Sincerity, Community Engagements, Involvement, Contribution, Hard work, Discipline, Bringing value, Working for a cause and over and above all putting my Heart and Soul + 400 words into my work passionately for the past 4 years, every single day.

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Thanx @minismallholding. I agree with you. It was a bit overwhelming for me. I accept my reaction was not the fairest and I dont shy off from that. But still some concerns I do have , this is more about a whale wars and nothing else which is sad. Else every single person on hive should be treated similarly and not only some.
Anyways I end the matter here with all due respects to everyone.
Peace @acidyo


Holy shit, $60 and $80 for 800-word posts not good enough? Lots of people make far less for far more effort. The downvotes return rewards to the pool for other authors, or didn't you realize that? The sense of entitlement here is palpable. Good riddance.

i think its not about number of words sometimes .. especially with nainaz.. she is a pillar.. and does SO much for others behind the scenes.. and beyond.. its easy to not realise .. unless you spend hours reading and seeing quite how much effort she has put in for many years now,. heart of gold and a real team player! so i think its a bit harsh to say good riddance mate!

I'll have to take your word on that. I've seen so much of this, I've just run out of patience for it.