What's with the weight? Do you believe our true Wealth is our Health?

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How many of us are into habit of monitoring our weight daily?
Well I am one of those. Some people call be obsessed for this habit, but I call myself mindful on this. Yes there are some days when there is a miss, but in general I monitor it daily.

My weight target is to be between 52 and 54 kgs, because this is most ideal for me to function at my best. The times when I go under or above this it freaks me up. I know my body well, so when I am constantly between 52 and 54 I am relaxed, but there are times like festival season, holidays when there is over indulgence of food and then the weight goes for a toss, I can see the steep rise, it comes up so fast, and then once you have gained a considerable amount of weight it is very difficult to lose, so better control it when it's just going up.

I have seen many people who are never bothered about their weight and it really makes me wonder, why? Are they not concerned about becoming obese. Also another thing is that when you do not control it just when it is rising then it becomes extremely tough to manage once it shoots up and then one goes in for all the different crash diets and extreme physical activities to reduce, which is not at all healthy and rather damages the body in different ways.


For me personally on a daily basis I maintain a home cooked clean diet, but yes over the weekend going out some indulgences happen and then I give a day to myself to release the toxins. For years I have been following the intermittent fasting diet plan with a 16 hour window, and it works very well for me in maintaining my weight. I do not believe in crash diets and heavy exercise. I enjoy my simple and peaceful Yoga postures in the traditional way and a balanced home diet.

The times we are living in where junk food is so much luring and it's almost everywhere, the MacD and KFC, Starbucks, Pepsi, Coke, fancy ready to eat preserved foods and what not which are the most harmful and gives a good helping hand to obesity. In such times it is important that we think about our health and act a little wise. I too am very fond of KFC food, and do indulge once in 6 months or so, but then that's it. I have discarded all aerated drinks and packed fruit juices completely. These little things do help me in maintaining my body and weight. Also I have observed that losing weight from junk food is extremely difficult then losing weight from you home made fresh meals.

I also enjoy drinking, but now I have made it a point to have my drinks in fresh lime juice or plain water, like vodka or rum I have it in fresh lime juice. Believe me it's not bad at all. It gives almost the same taste, except for the fizz. Beer gives belly weight, though I enjoy it, I restrict it to once in a month. Some of the wines have high sugar content, so now I am mindful about that too and pick up one accordingly. While one may think these are some extreme measures that I take, but then my take on health is that Health is the real Wealth.


Some people tell me that I am very lucky with the weight, since in years I have maintained this weight. But the fact is that they do not see my efforts behind it, the discipline that I follow and the sacrifices that I make. When anyone ask me for tips and I give them my diet schedule and plan they think twice if they can manage that and back off. I guess it is about self- motivation of what one wants for self.

So what's with your weight. Do you monitor it regularly and keep it in control or it does not bother you. Obesity leads to all kinds of ailments, so it is important to be mindful and treat our body not very loosely. We need to think about how do I want my body when I am 60 or 70. If this stays in our mind the rest will follow by itself.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸


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It's life style management.

 4 days ago 

Ya, when you set a routine and discipline for self it becomes a daily thing.

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 4 days ago (edited)

It's so hard to maintain a healthy weight, especially as you get older! I've accepted my curves these days - I can't keep myself 30 forever haha. But I can eat well and be healthy and that's what matters the most to me.

 4 days ago 

Ohhh yes with the age its so difficult to manage weight. Before losing a kg was like an eaay roll, but now.... uffd :) so that scale even if it goes 54.1 I get into work out mode...hehe
Yes, rhat's the sad part, they bring their personal differences here and inpact us. And the bitterness is that they created Hive talking of fair practices and this is what ww see how fair it is. Anyways chuck it.

I monitor my weight regularly, I don't miss it, I also started eating healthy, avoiding junks and aerated drinks, I just indulge once in a blue moon and that's ok for me. And I've come to notice that the benefits of this lifestyle are so much, no unnecessary weight gain, no belly fat(this feeling here is heaven ,lol), you tend to fall ill lesser etc. So yes ,our true wealth is our health.

 4 days ago 

Absolutely the point, the real culprit is the junk food and aerated drinks. If you cut them off your health will improve drastically. All your markers will be in green. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle.

Ya.....you're welcome

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Personally I find weight a number that doesnt always correspond with the truth. I guess the feeling of feeling fit in combo with eating healthy and normal excersize should do the trick.

Sometimes there will be a kilo more or less but I feel totally comfortable with not knowing this. ;)

 4 days ago 

Feeling fit and being happy with self yes is very important. It alao depends on how fast the weight comes on you, for me its like 1 heavy meal and boom up, so it kind of scares me ;)

hehehe I used to have this is well.. As in...I would check the scale after eating to see what happened and checked after taking a bathroom to see what happened. It made me mad indeed.

Now I check more on how the clothes fit as a measure and for me that feels good enough. Sure a couple of kilos would be a good one honestly, but that is for one day haha

I confess I hardly check my weight
Though in recent years it has been hard to keep it off thanks to menopause
Why would I not check on my weight to keep it in check...honestly I have no answer - perhaps it's habit
I had never owned a scale until my Mum passed away, and for sentimental reasons I took hers but I don't think it really works...
hmmmm - I think I have to give this more thought

 4 days ago 

The menopause time, it is a real torpedo time for weight gains. I am just serting into it and feeling it in all ways, struggling to lose even 500 gms :(
You can keep your Mum's and get a functional one for self :)
These emotional attachments are difficult to part with 💖

Yes, living through it now hehe
It's true - there are some things I hang on to for the memories ;D

Good time

 4 days ago (edited)


Maybe focus a bit on the comments people leave you instead of just on the pending rewards.

 4 days ago 

Really you want me to buy into that. There are many I can name who make multiple posts in a day and earn equally big on all of them but looks like they dont come under your skimming list.
And please check all my posts I reply to all my comments received in a span of 24 to 48 hrs.
Anyways I am powering down

Nainaz, I've always loved and supported you, but if I might interject here, Acid actually did reply to you and quite nicely and reasonably really. Yes, there are accounts that post a lot and earn well, but there are way more that don't. I see a lot of effort that goes mostly unrewarded and those people would be over the moon to have what you have still gotten even after the downvotes.

Please don't take this personally. It's not what I've come to know of you as a thoughtful, caring person. I know that a downvote can be upsetting initially, but if you take a moment you'll see that the ocd downvote doesn't even remove the ranchorelaxo vote.

Your diplomatic skills far exceed mine! :-)

 4 days ago (edited)

@joshman, I hear you out on your comment.
The 60 and 80$ vote is for Commitment, Dedication, Sincerity, Community Engagements, Involvement, Contribution, Hard work, Discipline, Bringing value, Working for a cause and over and above all putting my Heart and Soul + 400 words into my work passionately for the past 4 years, every single day.

 4 days ago 

Thanx @minismallholding. I agree with you. It was a bit overwhelming for me. I accept my reaction was not the fairest and I dont shy off from that. But still some concerns I do have , this is more about a whale wars and nothing else which is sad. Else every single person on hive should be treated similarly and not only some.
Anyways I end the matter here with all due respects to everyone.
Peace @acidyo


Holy shit, $60 and $80 for 800-word posts not good enough? Lots of people make far less for far more effort. The downvotes return rewards to the pool for other authors, or didn't you realize that? The sense of entitlement here is palpable. Good riddance.

i think its not about number of words sometimes .. especially with nainaz.. she is a pillar.. and does SO much for others behind the scenes.. and beyond.. its easy to not realise .. unless you spend hours reading and seeing quite how much effort she has put in for many years now,. heart of gold and a real team player! so i think its a bit harsh to say good riddance mate!

I'll have to take your word on that. I've seen so much of this, I've just run out of patience for it.