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I always used to go out into the countryside to my friends and relatives on vacation to soak up the atmosphere.
But as for today's issue, they were planting palm trees in gardens and around the lands.
I brought agriculture with them at first and then got delicious dates.
I hope that I can provide you with some information that I have read and that I have also benefited from with experience.

The date palm development strategy includes the accompanying developments:

Preferred planting selection: date palms vary in size; Some are goliath trees, including fairly young trees, and a portion of these species require a specific measure of daylight and a specific measure of cold.

Choosing a suitable site for palm development: Due to the huge size and heavy weight of palm trees, huge devices may be required in the date palm growing procedure, so it is wise to choose land with a low slope to encourage this cycle.

Dig a hole to fit the tree's root ball: The hole should be six inches wider on all sides and six inches farther from the bottom of the tree, and you should make sure the hole has significant leakage.

Dislodge the root cover: This cycle should be done carefully and maintain a strategic distance from the soil drainage from the root ball, to prevent the delicate roots from biting the dust, as they are responsible for supporting the tree and retaining water.

Refill the hole with soil: To ensure the integrity of the tree, the dirt should cover the root crown. Also, you must irrigate the tree and ensure that the dirt uses up a lot of water. Build an earthen boundary: being around the digging area to help retain water around the planted tree.

Water the tree well: you must make sure that dirt and root swallows it through the septum around the hole. Postpone preparation of palms: The correct technique of palm development prohibits treating palm trees after digging, however they must stand for about six to two months to ensure they bloom.

Take care after that

Dealing with palm trees After discussing the technique of planting palm trees, it is important to give a full illustration of how to really focus on these trees, as palm trees must be dealt with to obtain exceptionally healthy, productive and profitable trees.

Treating the base soil with sulfur. Add compost over large areas around the trunks, given the fact that the palm tree foundations are spread over moderate distances. Be careful not to cover the trunk of the tree with dirt when you plant it, so that it does not rot.

Place mulch around the root zone to provide proper nutrition, after which this mulch is replaced every year. Maintain soil moisture during key long palm tree planting periods, while avoiding over-watering to try not to contaminate these trees with growth. Prune dead fronds often.

Whatever the case, it is reasonable to develop it indoors, but it must be supported and provided with all appropriate conditions for its project development, and the following is an explanation of the strategy for planting palm trees and dealing with them inside homes:

All palm trees have a monetary value, as its trunk gives wood, and the central veins of its leaves are used to collect furniture, or collect materials from its strings, and palm tree products can also be used to collect vinegar and solid mixed drinks, and palm sap can be used as a drink, regardless of what If it is new or old.

Tasty Yellow Dates

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I love dates, but its not cold enough around here to grow them! Thank you for sharing your agriculture experience :)