Transplanting the herbal aloe Vera.

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Shill me some medicinal herbs😁
Recently, i noticed there has been some high demands for aloe vera plant, i also been using it to cure pile and dysentery because I've been taken more of junks and fizzy drinks lately, so instead of going to people's garden all the time just to make use of aloe vera, i decided to plant and propagate one so as to be of use to not only me but quite a few numbers of people who might need it.

  • So a quick one today, i went searching for a rooty aloe vera just to transplant in my garden



Note that when propagating or transplanting an aloe vera plant, it is important to uproot and ensure the roots are well intact when replanting or transplanting.


So i dig the ground a shallow one that is dig deep below few metres and then bury down.