Happiness is a Womb of a Polytunnel In Early, Early Spring

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They say clouds have silver linings - and I think we've all been trying to focus on those, or see them, in this year of Crazy. There's been everything from abject disappointment, to depression and worry about the future for many of us - and some on a worse scale than others, which worries me so. I'm lucky - extraordinarily lucky. I may not have got the world trip I'd been dreaming of for ten years, but I have got land. That's a dream in this time of lockdowns and isolation. It's a chance to be a little less reliant on the systems that bind us and may imminently collapse.


The polytunnel was completed yesterday, on a warm still morning, just before the wind came up. I'll be posting a 'how to' at a later date, but for now, I want to gush about my new womb like growing space, if you'll let me. I'm like a kid at Christms or a pig in mud - any other analogies to describe totally being excited and happy and in one's element at the same time?

So today I put on some loud music - actually, some tunes @montycash shared, which I loved. I'm a big fan of world/ethno/fusion music and his outfit from Perth is beautiful. Listen to it on bandcamp here or Soundcloud. It seemed to really suit this very cold day as the rain came down on the plastic roof of my green tunnel of love!


I've made makeshift shelving out of my old mini greenhouses - Jamie plans on welding some mega tiered system for me at some point, but I want to give him a break to do his own projects whilst I potter in my own space.


I'm so thrilled that I have such a big space - the back half is for beds, the front for potting up and seedlings and plants. Funny, as soon as we finished it, a polycarbonate greenhouse came up second hand on Facebook marketplace, which is sod's law. I've been waiting for one to come up for ages, and the reason we built the polytunnel was because we hadn't lucked out finding a second hand greenhouse. This one was exactly what I'd wanted too - 500 bucks! But for the same price, I have double, almost triple the space I'd reckon, and a space that feels really solid and good.



I love the screen doors we found cheap too. The back door opens out onto the southside to catch the seabreeze in winter. Although it'll get too hot in the summer and I'll likely need a shadecloth, it's a very lovely place to be on a cool day. 15 degrees at the warmest today - and it was 20 degrees at one point in the tunnel, probably no cooler than 18 degrees, although it'll eventually be the same-ish outside temperature as they don't hold the heat as well as a greenhouse. However,it should protect them from the frost.

The other amazing thing was as soon as I finished the tunnel I thought, right! I'm going to grow turmeric! I live in a cool to temperate climate, so a good warm micro climate or a polytunnel or greenhouse is the only way you can grow it down here. Anyway, I logged onto Facebook (I know, I know - but the bottom line is the good gardening groups full of people in my local area are on this site - until they all move to HIVE, what can I do?) and lo! Just as I logged in, a woman posted about her organic yellow turmeric for sale in Melbourne! A quick text, and she's sending down some rhizomes next week. Happy happy joy joy!


What silver linings are in your gardens?

With Love,

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beautiful! that looks so great.. a professional job! even with the entire floor weed protected and planter boxes.. I can feel the love you put in to that..

im sure there is going to be a bounty of harvest from this, and look forward to seeing pictures of your abundance! xx

 20 days ago 

Thanks! I thought you'd like it! It's so exciting - it feels like a great step forward. Now, irrigation!!!!!

Do you think it would keep the heat in without a door and just an overlapping flap? Maybe velcroed shut.

 20 days ago (edited)

I think at night the heat escapes, won't hold heat as much as a greenhouse. YOu'd need to keep the door shut in winter/cold weather, and in hot weather open the door fully and maybe even have a solar fan.

Looks like a couple pro's made this! Nice work.

 20 days ago 

Thanks mate! Appreciated. OOOOH - have to tell you - we bought a 130 Defender! Soooo excited. Haven't got it yet, has to be trucked down from NSW - but... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


You better be posting about it or I'll come down there (if I'm allowed over the border) and give you a good old fashioned clip around the ears!

So cool...Looking forward to some posts! Well done Riv.

Yah!! You guys done it! It's looks really good

 20 days ago (edited)

Oh man! It's the best thing ever!!!! I love it! Thanks!

Hey thanks for the mention.. by the way my handle is @montycashmusic and not @montycash

I'm glad you're checking out my music though. I'll share the same link I shared on that other comment for a free download of the music on archive.org - https://archive.org/details/kelebek-evrimi-the-butterflys-burden

Your polytunnel looks amazing, I'm so jealous. I wish I had a big block I could do big projects on and grow a much bigger range of things. I have a small backyard in a metro area but cramming in as much as I can.

It's SO nice to be on a country block. You've got this going for you!

Anyways, sending love - Monty

 20 days ago 

OH damn, sorry!!! Lucky you saw I shared your music anyway! We are soooooo lucky to have this extra space. Really blessed. Some people in Stage 4 in Melbourne with tiny backyards are doing it super tough! Wow, thanks for the free download! I've been listening on Bandcamp!

All good, thanks... Glad you like the music.

Can't wait to see more developments.


It looks so neat and tidy, almost like an office!

 20 days ago (edited)

'Riverflows is out of the house at the moment - please direct all communication to the Polytunnel of Love'.

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Serious hoophouse envy here!! It looks so wonderful!

I have turmeric to start inside this October, as it takes 10 months to mature.

I never did get the little hoophouse for the ginger up, and just as well I didn't as it's turned too cold for it too early this year.

Seeing this makes me feel like a duck in water ;<)

It must feel like you're own little planet ( or positive bubble ) in there. In fact, it has somewhat of a sci-fi look to it, which reminds me of the 1970s movie Silent Running. Ever heard of it?

On the plus side: this is your reality and you even got a garden outside of it.

I'm happy for you.✨

Even got a workstation too! Way to go!

Happy happy joy joy!

I have to tell you something. It's a new scheme that I'm getting in on. It's called rabbits. Don't eat em though, just feed them. The more you feed them, the more they POOP! oh my God, the poop! The glorious poop that attracts black soldier flies to compost it. I may just keep a brood or two of the kits just as composting machines, I'm so impressed with these things. And the soldier fly larvae make an awesome nutritious treat for your chooks. They'll really love you. You'd be filling a pot or two a week with some awesome compost with just a trio of the little fluffy snugglers. But don't snuggle them, they're mean and they'll try and rip your nipples off. Ask me how I know. And the body heat they'd generate in the winter would also help warm your tunnel, though obviously not as well as the sun.

Here's a pic of a million black soldier fly larvae in rabbit poop, making awesome compost.


Agree with the other comments.. this is top notch, what a piece of work :D Happy to see you putting Love into Life

 16 days ago 

I'm happy for you @riverflows! I've had a hoop house (or our covered garden as I call it) for many years and it's been a god send for extending our short growing season.
You've made yours into a really lovely space - Happy Gardening!