Breakfast with the family & papa's latest bread & jam

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Every second day I make a loaf of bread now, enjoyed by my family in the morning. I prepare the dough before bed, knead it again at 6am and put it in the oven at 7.30am so that it is ready for 8am. Our bread oven is fully redundant now that I have discovered you can bake bread in pretty much anything. Yesterday I used the white tray with the black tray on top. Baked in the most basic kind of oven money can buy!


And this is what came out.


Feel like I want to call it flat bread ;)


Here you can see Luna fresh out of bed, still waking up and blocking off the light to her magic eye which is always dilated.


She was keen to do some colouring before breakfast while Sabrina was keen to brush her hair.


Esteban, like me, is much more chirpy after jumping out of bed and has been very interested to help out with my weird and wonderful creations. He says I am to wake him up at 7am tomorrow so that he can be the one to cut the pattern in the top of the loaf before baking.


Even the cat wants to have a sniff. Coz why not? It smells so great!


Esteban enjoys his bread with honey while I enjoy one of our home made jams. Which is actually not that one on the table.


The kids don't seem to like most of these jams I made last year!


Personally I love them and am currently eating my way through the Mirabelle.


The tree these Mirabelle plums came from was cut down along with the Reine Claude trees but just like them I am happy to report that the next generation are alive and well. A Mirabelle baby seen here.


So that's it. Just wanted to share some breakfast with you ;)

Love & Light everyone 🌱



Awww, wouldn't mind some of that bread now... :) Love how the cat is so much part of family and breakfast! :))

She is very much a part of the family yes. She even comes on walks with us around the village and sits in our allotment when we are gardening ;)

Felicitaciones todo se ve muy sabroso, saludos desde Venezuela

All the best to you from France!

Muchas gracias buen día.

Wooow, it's great to see the Kids enjoying a healthy meal with a Cute little Kitty 🐈 . Everything making this a PERFECT FAMILY (👨‍👩‍👧‍👦+🐈)


Thanks for your kind words.

Let the blessings be for everyone :)

Wow! This bread looks so good! Even the cat is attracted to your bread!! Approval rating very high!! LoL

For some reason this cat loves eating my bread. But I understand cats shouldn't eat grains so I try not to let her have too much!

Cats and dogs in my country are allowed to eat the same food as their owners! Some dogs love fruits! Some cats love vegetables! Very funny!

Thanks for reposting the photographs - they were worth waiting for Sam

Actually I didn't manage it yet over on whaleshares. Not enough hours in the day!

The photographs are so good.

@tipu curate 😋😋😋

Much appreciated!

Bread should be a human right, if anything is!! ;P
I can't eat wheat anymore, but I'm slowly building up my recipes for breads and bread-like foods. Finally have a really good vegan gluten-free pizza dough!
Looks great, thanks for sharing.

Before I met Sabrina (my French partner) I had quit bread quite successfully for a number of years in place of a vegan diet but since moving to the South of France with her I have found myself enjoying it again, along with a bunch of other things I didn't do back then! But we also grow our own veg here so I feel like this balances me out.

The most amazing thing I've discovered about bread is that you don't actually need wheat. Have you ever tried acorn bread? I will be making it later this year when the acorns return.

No, never tried acorns. But I agree with you, it's great to discover that wheat is only one of thousands of plants that can be made into flour. The gluten in wheat (especially nowadays, after having been modified to have less fiber and more gluten) does things to my gut and nervous system. I'm a lot healthier without it. But bread in general, I find, is a fairly healthy food. It's just ground up grain, nut, or other plant meal... plus a little oil and yeast. Nothing I'm afraid of! In moderation, like all things.

It's probably the jam and honey which get us into more trouble! ;D

Your cat is such a rockstar 😄

She is really is. In so many ways!

A recent habit of hers is to make sure I let her out of the house at around 5am. She has a friend she likes to play with in the early mornings ;)

Love these personal stories. Sounds like you're enjoying life and found a new calling.
Those home made jams sound amazing and the bread looks very tasty, although I'd prefer it without cat hairs ;<)

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I am indeed very much enjoying this recent drive towards sustainable food production and having avoided cooking most of my life I am now finding myself spending more and more time in the kitchen with culinary ideas. So this is great!

Thankfully she doesn't seem to shed her hair too much so am yet to find them in my food ;)

having avoided cooking most of my life I am now finding myself spending more and more time in the kitchen with culinary ideas.

For those who don't believe in change... ;<)

No cat hairs probably means that she's extremely healthy. No stress. Guess she aint checking the cryptomarkets ;<)

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Love the bread and the cat is cute.

Thanks for dropping by ;)

You're welcome.

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Thank you!

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