Chocolate from heaven & sand from Africa

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The girls went out yesterday leaving Esteban & I wondering what to do. He suggested making a chocolate boat which sounded a little strange to me but I went with the flow and it quickly became clear that he is in fact a master chocolatier! The end result looked & tasted divine.


These kind of projects always seem to begin with hazelnuts, purely because we foraged so many last year.

Screen Shot 20210211 at 10.15.46.png

So, the ingredients were as follows:

  • Loads of crushed hazelnuts
  • Less crushed cashews
  • Finely cut dried Reine Claude plums (instead of raisins)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon cacao powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon grated creamed coconut
  • A few pieces of dark chocolate, just because Esteban insisted ;)

Everything was melted up together for five minutes and poured into a container with tin foil underneath (to help us remove it later). Before the chocolate set we added the following things on top:

  • Small salt crystals
  • Ginger
  • Lemon zest

Into the freezer it went and five mins later the girls arrived home at the perfect moment. Esteban was feeling very proud and wanted to photograph it.


No doubt he will be posting in his own account @esteban-luna soon enough!


Luna still bases the things she eats on the way they look and she didn't like the look of this, so didn't eat it!


No problem. More for us and anyone who happens to join us here this weekend ;)


The other thing I wanted to mention was the sand which blew in from Africa a few days ago. Sounds weird I know but when we look at the map we can see that the deserts of Algeria are in fact not all that far from the East coast of France's boarder with Spain, which is where we are.


The wind here is quite often extremely strong and in this situation it blew the sand right across the Mediterranean Sea.


The sand is slightly red, not at all the same colour as the sand from our local beaches.


It covered absolutely everything.


I wonder if it will add nutritional benefits to the herbs?


Certainly the soil they grow in will be enriched by this little gift from the desert.

Love the way this region never fails to surprise me and better still it is even able to remind me of my past and the greater vision for my future, which may just lead me back into Africa.

Zambia, 2011



Yummy! I read two chocolate posts in the last 24 hours ( the other by @trucklife-family and it surprises me how easy to make this seems. I just need to get myself some coconut oil and I'll be ready to give it go. Wonder if olive oil is an option too ( it's from olives we harvested here at the end of 2020 ). How amazing to have your own hazelnuts!

I'm sure the desert sand is gonna add some extra spice ( reminds me of the books and game Dune ) to your garden.

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@trucklife-family and I are quite often inspiring each-other & moving in harmony despite the physical separation ;)

And yes, you must try making your own! Not sure for olive oil because you need a base which becomes solid at room temperature. Or at the very least, fridge temperature.

I bet your olive oil tastes amazing though! We have plenty of olives here but am yet to try making this...

Woow,I love eating chocolates. This looks really very delicious, Beautiful post @samstonehill.✨✨😍😍😍

Thanks a lot for sharing this with us! ☘

Have a Glorious day. ✨😍

Hello there! You have a Glorious day too :)

Wow! Would love to taste this wonderful creation!!

Luna gave a very funny look! 😂😂😂
You have many kinds of nuts!! Lovely!

Hope it won’t rain fish as it did before in the past!! LoL

Half of it has gone already. Can't stop munching on it!

And yes, plenty of nuts around here ;)

Let's see for the crazy rain. Honestly it wouldn't surprise me! But it is the hail I am more concerned about for the moment. Lots of precious young plants in the garden would need protecting.

Yup! The weather in the countryside has also suddenly turned cold after two days of heavy rain. That rain water was needed. But the strong wind does concern me. Some parts of the country did have some hail a few days ago.

In a few years’ time we probably could grow apple trees and olive trees as it’s getting colder in winter.

Adaptability is the name of the game now so it is good you are already thinking about different varieties of trees which will enjoy the climate as it changes. You will be well ahead of everyone else this way!

Thank you very much. I hope I could grow and keep all the trees and new saplings during the coming dry season.
The future is full of uncertainty!

chocolate looks too cute to eat 😅 thank you for sharing!

We have no problem at all eating it ;)

But we do agree it looks very cute!

Thanks for appreciating.

wow he did well! what a masterpiece!

I remember the sand from the dessert covering our inner yards in Spain as well when we lived there.
I had no idea, it was a new phenomenon to me and I looked out of our window seeing the inner yard all covered in red dirt. I seriously wondered if our upstairs neighbors had been watering plants without taking into account that we lived there and had a bunch of laundry drying there as well. I got pissed at first, but then we noticed the other part where we sat, also had this layer of red sand on it, so I knew this was something else. It's quite insane how much sand can travel through the air across countries..

Funny story there ;)

And yes it is insane how that works!

It must at least be good for the soil.

Just a little bit of chocolate left...

Wow well done Esteben, that looks and sounds so good. I made chocolate yesterday with one of my girls.
We have had sand blow in here like that, not recently though.
Hope you are keeping well Sam xxx

All perfect here thanks. We even managed our first vegan ice cream yesterday with almond milk! Tastes so very goooood :)

Not sure what's going on with all these sugary treats, but why not?

Great you are up to the same fun!

And super weird for the sand. Well, I guess it's not that weird. I just never noticed it before!

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Much appreciated :)