Esteban's first accurate depiction of the world around him & the evolution of two young artists 🎨

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It was with great joy yesterday that I watched Esteban (who is five years old) keenly draw the living room for the first time. As you can see from the image below he has done an amazing job at converting what he is looking at into a work of art.


I felt as if this was a pivotal moment for him because he had never before tried to do this, though in truth he is already very advanced in the way he creates.

Take this game for example, which he made for me a few days ago. My job is to fill in the boxes with their appropriate colour to reveal what the picture is.


As time goes on the boxes are getting smaller and smaller. I should probably buy him some paper with little squares on it!


And what about this instruction manual he completed yesterday? It is another gift for me, this one telling me how to build an Earthship, our future home.


Love how clearly he knows my desires!

The finished Earthship is visible on the other side of the paper. Complete with a swing for his sister & CCTV system so we can see what's going on outside.


Here is a machine which is taking energy from the sun to make robots.


And finally some random aliens. The EFQP team apparently.


Watching the two of them play together yesterday it was clear how their creative minds are doing exactly the same thing when playing outside as when they are sitting in front of a piece of paper. There is no separation for them between living life and creating.

In this case they were creating their own world in which Esteban's vehicle needed some maintenance.


The mechanic takes on the job.

And gets right to the root of the problem.


Payment in hugs. Naturally ;)


And on he goes.


"Come back soon" she says. "I really love hugs!"


Luna does not yet hold her pen in the traditional manner but is still clearly evolving as an artist. In recent days she has taken to drawing Rapunzel with her long hair.


Another one here.


I want Luna to know that her creations are just as important as Esteban's, so these two Rapunzels have ended up on the wall next to her dolls house.


Her most accomplished work is this one I think. I will find a place to stick it up on the wall today...


I met an english man two days ago who told me he doesn't like anything creative and I instantly felt sad for him because I couldn't imagine a life without creativity! It was evident communicating with him for 30mins that his creative-less life had thoroughly taken its tole. To me he seemed soul-less and completely bored by his own existence, basically just waiting for death. Interesting to note that we are a similar age and went to similar schools, yet I don't feel this way at all!

I guess you've all seen it already but I made a film about creativity five years ago and I still stand by every word I said.

So I am super grateful to see that Esteban & Luna will not suffer the same fate as that man, or indeed the millions of other humans who never realise that life IS creativity and you cannot separate one from the other without compromising the fullness of your brief window of opportunity to enjoy your physical body. Which by the way is what you came here to do!

Love & Light everyone 🌱

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All rewards from this post will go to the @esteban-luna account where it will stay till they are old enough to know how to use it creatively ;)

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Love this on many levels. I can totally relate. Had my 4 year old niece and 7 year old nephew over today. Whenever they visit me, I make sure we create something. Whether it's drawing or painting or clay modeling and painting. They know how important creativity for me and enjoy being creative a lot themselves ( it is of course natural for kids ). I was raised on creativity but it was also pushed to the back when I became an adult ( as I was expected to go to Uni, get a job and all that stuff ). Then again, I studied film ( theory ) but you get the point. I'm happy to regain my creative mojo more and more lately.

Expression is the opposite of depression.

Love this and your kids are true artists and marvelous creatures ( creature - creator )

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Sounds like we had similar experiences there. Raised on creativity only to be sent out into a world of conformity, also to study film at Uni. It was mostly theory but we did at least have one old film camera we shared between all the students!

Expression is the opposite of depression.

What a great insight! Love that. Reminds me of my time in rehab when they would ask us all the time how we were feeling because most of us had lost the ability to express the answer to this question honestly. Let alone creatively! But with practice we became better at it and ultimately less depressed about our the situation we had put ourselves in.

Thanks for the thoughts :)

That's awesome, beautiful drawings! Esteban is sooo smart. Please join us with tags #littleartists and #hivekids when you publish something from your little people @esteban-luna . There already are two members: @monster.factory and @nathanko . Happy creating!

Right! I was wondering what tags to use. I will do my best to remember this for next time. Thanks for the connections :)

Such talent - love it. So nice to see kids doing something artistic instead of sitting in front of the television.

Hey you ;)

He was playing the piano today. And tomorrow he will be playing his little boy sized guitar ;)

And obviously he loves to sing too!

Can't wait to hear a recording of him. Sending him lots of hugs.

I would love to have a sun-powered machine, which makes robots! Maybe he could draw an instruction for building that, too?

Pretty cool eh! But I wonder what the robots do???

Have a great day :)

Doesn't matter, what they do. Robots are cool!

Wow! Amazing kids you have there! They are so lucky to have as their guide.
Their drawings are amazing and beautiful. I hadn’t seen that film yet.

Thanks for sharing such positive information.

Well, perfect! Am pleased I posted the film now. I've probably posted it at least 20 times over the last 5 years, but perhaps not recently ;)

It still seems like a good mantra for life and I am sorry for anyone who believes themselves to not be creative. Because they are!


Awwww, how cute😍😍😍!!
Beautiful drawing loaded with lots of sweetness!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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Thanks for dropping by & for the picture too ;)