Future food forest & the importance of ground temperature... and the first day of school!

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The funny looking pots were on special offer in town. I spent €20 on them and drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. Much cheaper than buying 30 pots at the garden centre and I love the way they have handles & colour! I still have to plant one or two things which are yet to fall from the trees, but most are done now and the following list of fruit and nuts will be with us always:

  • oranges
  • lemons
  • limes
  • apples (three varieties)
  • pears
  • clementines
  • grapefruits
  • nectarines
  • peaches
  • figs
  • pomegranates
  • plums (five varieties)
  • almonds
  • walnuts
  • hazelnuts (two varieties)
  • chestnuts

And yes, I realise most of these plants won't be feeding us for many years yet, but that's okay. I am happy with them remaining small till we know with certainty where all of us will put our roots down.


Maintaining the temperature of the ground

Some of these seeds, like the peaches & nectarines require a winter to activate them but they cannot fall too far below freezing. The easiest solution here is to bury the pots in the soil where they will stay that little bit warmer than they would if they were left on the surface.

Even in the summer being buried will help them retain the correct temperature and not dry out as fast as they did this year. We are still learning here...


Like I always say, there are no mistakes. Only learning experiences ;)

I only just learned for example how many varieties of citrus there are!


We have three of these varieties, but perhaps I could do with a few more?

Big day today

I leave you with a shot of Luna (from the garden yesterday) because in two hours I will wake her up to get her ready for school. For the first time ever. She told me with her bedtime kiss last night that she was excited to go. So, I am pleased for that.


Throw your TV out of a window!

When I spent 7 months in the UK last year doing a film job, Sabrina was offered a free TV.

Had I been here in France I would not have accepted it.

Personally I quit watching TV around 2012 and didn't want one in my home ever again. But as with all these things, I learned to let it go.

However, I cannot get away from the fact that the cartoons they watch are designed to make them want to go to school! Amongst other things. None of which are in any way useful.

Deep breath Sam...

Right here. Right now. Everything is perfect.


I will stay tuned and connected to her experience there and I can already see the day when I laughed at myself and how nervous this made me feel, because the beautiful (and impossible to predict) things which came from it could not have happened if I had imposed my (experience related) rules on her life.

Love & Light to you all 🌱

Now to figure out how to make dill pickles...



Oh my God they watch TV 😟
More and more i read you and hear you and more and more i see the huge differences of life choices you and sabrina have .
Hey , where are the cherries 😟

The cherries were not much good this year :(

We are all waking up at our own pace. And I am not in the habit of forcing my will on people. So, what can I do?

Perhaps there is some positive reason beyond my view why this might actually be important? Mostly we choose what they watch by downloading old stuff and playing it through a USB key. Because when I see the modern cartoons, I see the magic spells are much more advanced than they were in the past.

I hope you are right 😒

So many examples in my own life where my parents made what I perceive to be bad decisions on my behalf... yet here I am with eyes wide open. And a mouth full of metal ;)

I watched TV endlessly as a child.

Yet I decided to stop watching it in 2012 and no one made that decision for me. Which I think must be important.

Much more powerful when we understand something fully and then make a conscious decision to exclude it from our lives based on this understanding.

I dont agree and that is why you end up sick full of heavy metals
education is KEY to health and wellbeing and when one parent can give it
Because that parent walked the path , it is a gift , unless the other parent has a completely different perception of life and of the system .
Feeling hate towards our parents ignorance and stupidity is normal and majority of people should not be allowed to have kids .
Hence our sick system where everyone is a sheep and follow the fake lights .
I do feel hate and i have no problem with it .

I totally agree the majority of people should not be allowed to have children. You would get on with @dannyshine I think. Getting this particular message across appears to have become his life mission.

SWEET ! I totally follow him now 😄

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Thanks for the add :)

Could you please reorganise the pots by colour?! My OCD alarm is going off 😵

haha! I feel that too... but am resisting ;)

Should you feed your worms ? 😆

Luna has such a radiant smile, in the photo with the cat! Both of them have the look on someone / something off camera: what is it?

Congratulations on the evolution of your food forest: I have a healthy envy!

!tip and a huge hug!

I believe it was a gecko on the wall. Intriguing to both of them! haha :)

Food forest is getting there...

Next up is some serious land preparation for these polytunnels. Still need to get my hands on the right equipment to flatten a field!

Yes, the gecko has its charm... with all those suckers on its feet that allow it to climb walls easily!

I can't wait to admire your polytunnels and celebrate with some !BEER 🍻

I have so far drawn up a map of the land with accurate measurements...

Still figuring out exactly where things are going to live. We want a chicken area too ;)

That's great! Your kids are very lucky having so lovely parents, right?
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Ah love you. It must be hard to find balance sometimes.

My FAVE are cara cara and tangellos. I've never had lucky with them personally but 30 minutes away my Mum grows em fine. Good tip about leaving them in soil!!!!!

HAVE FUN LUNA! Don't worry, Daddy won't let you be TOO brainwashed...

I had never heard of cara cara or tangellos till now! It's crazy how much variety there is in the world :)

Yeah, Luna was fine. I posted a little update just now.

They both looked so cute with their back-packs on!

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