I redesigned half a palatte to grow peppers and herbs

in hive-123046 •  11 days ago  (edited)


Planted the baby pepper (grown from seed) in the middle of the palette yesterday.

On either side of the pepper I planted cress & coriander.

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Beautiful work... the chi will flow there ;)

I like that. The chi will flow.

Because of the bamboo pieces?

Or just all that LOVE which went into it?

The second pic reveals more beauty! Nice :)
Yes, the chi will flow because of the Love you put in, but also
of how you centralized it with the 2 herbs left and right...
The chi likes to flow like a curvy river, meander like...
Try to design a veggie patch like this and check the results/harvest....
I had 3 meter tall cherry tomatoes ;)
You can put Feng Shui in your garden ;)

Beaaaaautiful work indeed!!!

I love that your garden looks SO organized and tidy and you have made it with the most simple materials!

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Am just going with the flow ;)

Don't know why I spent my entire life working in London when I love growing food so much???? The brainwashing was effective! Sending hugz :)

Great effort all my attempts this year have been devoured by slugs. Need a new plan; going raised bed and pots I think 💯🐒

Darn those slugs. We have some absolute whoppers here. Bigger than big dog shits! Egg shells seems to be working but must be re-applied regularly.

Yer think I need to eat more eggs haha. Found wool pellets are working. But going raised bed then copper rims plus the wool. Then the bliters will be off.. hopefully!

Apparently it's the little ones that do the most damage !

You inspire me so much, @samstonehill - know that!! 😍

Very cute and creative.