Making Whey Flat Bread - Step by Step with Recipe

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I mentioned in this post a few ways to use up your leftover whey from cheese making.

This is how I make the flat breads specifically.

whey flat breads.jpg

The key ratio is 3:1 flour to whey (or really any water/liquid/milk even) with any added seasonings, a few sprays of olive oil (maybe a teaspoon) and baking soda if desired.

I like ratios rather than fixed recipes because it gives me to flexibility around how much I want as an end result and how much of something I have available.

In this batch I used 1 cup and flour and 1/3 cup of non-acidic whey, salt, pepper and baking powder so they puffed just a little. It made two good lunch sized breads, could stretch to four smaller size. Throw into a bowl and mix.

I've learnt now NOT to add any extra liquid at this stage, I always think that it needs more as it's not coming together BUT you have to keep going just a few minutes more and then you'll have a better idea. Get in there with your hands and keep mixing. This one did need a touch more but only half a teaspoon of whey.

dough ball.jpg
Then knead until it's smooth or you've had enough, let it rest while you make whatever is going with/on the flat breads. Roll to your desired shape and size and bake in the oven at about 180c for 3-4 minutes either side, maybe a bit less if you want a pliable bread or a bit more if you want a crispier bread.

Top and enjoy. Maybe with mushroom and cheese like this
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Maybe with carrots like this
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Maybe with beetroot and black bean burgers like this
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I've really just stuck to using commercial self-raising flour but I might experiment now I have my technique with other flours, knowing I'll probably need to adjust the ratio of flour to liquid to suit.


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I love the idea about ratios, but most of the recipes I find of course have exact measurements. Maybe soon I'll try to be bold enough to experiment on ratios. 😊

When it’s just really two ingredients it’s easy to make ratios. Not so much if lots of different things are needed