ecoTrain Question Of The Week Season 5 #2: What can you do to prepare yourself for indefinite lockdowns without having to leave your home or move location?

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Ain't it funny how things come on your path whenever there's something bothering you? A few days ago, I read an article about what could happen once our total supply of food/water/electricity, etc gets cut off, and something about this maybe happening globally in the next year. It honestly freaked me out!

During the first wave

I was scared at first, and honestly convinced that we needed to be prepared to stay in for weeks and therefore make sure we'd have enough food on the shelves outside of the fridge because our storage space in the fridge and freezer was lousy at the time (before we moved here). It made me worried that we'd run out of food and not be allowed to go to the supermarkets.

In the end, the 14-day lockdown never came, and I have only noticed in the very first weeks that people were stocking up toilet paper and flour for example, but this balanced out much quicker than expected. My fear was caused by reading online and watching these stupid press conferences.

This wasn't going to happen again

I told my boyfriend once we moved here, listen, I don't care what it will cost, but we will buy a small freezer as we only have a small fridge here as well. I would feel much more relaxed and less worried that once the second wave arrives, we have a freezer filled up with veggies and meat. He agreed that it's probably a good idea, also to have less waste from when we cook a bit more than needed. And so arrived our freezer (also just a small one, but it's good enough for us).

food storage.png

I haven't felt the urge to buy that much food, except twice. One time was when the freezer arrived and I wanted to fill it up the next day and the other time was before Christmas, haha. The Christmas stock is still partially available btw.

Not afraid to catch C-19

We all stay home, our daughter too, which is a challenge at times, and hopefully, we can change that within the next month / 6 weeks max. We make sure that when we go together, we wear the stupid mask from the moment we leave the building, not because I agree, but we have to. I hate being cut off from fresh air outside! I have to admit, that often I walk different routes when I go grocery shopping, simply because in some areas masks aren't mandatory and I just cheat by walking via those routes.

I believe both my daughter and I had it during February and many others with us at the time. It was a horrible cough like no others I remember and also a pain in my chest. But at the time, we had no idea it was something other than the regular cold/infection.

covid 19.png

Since then we have started to take high doses of vitamin c, vitamin d and plan on adding zink as well. My boyfriend mentions it all the time, but for some reason, it was sold out every time I went there.
I've noticed that taking these high (over)doses of vitamins often helps instantly. Although I often forget to take it several days, as soon as I feel strange/flu-ish/snotty, I take a double dose, and hours later, the next day at the latest, I feel fine again.

The feeling of being scared in supermarkets like I was during the first wave, is long gone, scared slowly faded to being careful and using my common sense. I have to admit that even for someone that doesn't watch the news/mainstream media, I was being hyped into fear too. I felt scared our daughter would catch it after being ill many times already. Nothing happened.

So what would I do feel secure staying at home?

While during the first wave, I started with the food supply, now I have first made sure we have a load of vitamin c lasting for months is my guess. I have to add the others too. Funny thing is, that during the first wave, I hoarded medicins from the pharmacy, afraid they'd run out of paracetamol (lol), these haven't been used more than a few times (which was for toothache even) and I'm not even worried to refill it for us (for our daughter is an exception if this runs out).

I would have a hard time if I'd had to figure out a way to have enough food for all of us for three weeks now if the power was to be cut off. My boyfriend is thriving best on a carnivore diet so it seems, so where I'm leaning more towards vegetarian days, he's having the best results physically and mentally eating carnivore. So how does one do that if the power fails? I know the answer thanks to one of the people I follow: freeze-drying food! But, then again, that's not an option here and now, lack of money to buy such a thing. Maybe in the future, it will be a good idea, not forgetting that option.

I would have to break my head a bit more about how to solve the food issue as I don't really see how that can be resolved right away.

Secure also means having things to do to relieve stress

For example, during the summer I've been buying up a lot of crafting supplies, painting stuff, pencils etc. On top of that, I also have a huge box filled with decoration for cakes and all sorts of coloring and fondant including cookie cutters. I have been using the baking stuff a lot in the previous place we lived in, but here it has calmed down a bit. I went from baking to more crafting, which I believe is a good thing, and much better for our health as well (lol).

With Christmas, we made sure to add some games to our collection (like family games), a game console (cheap oldie just for fun), and our daughter got a huge box of LEGO. I noticed that I also enjoyed building with her, it calmed my brain when doing this.

What I do miss currently is some refills of crafting supplies, the Christmas crafts has made me use a lot, but that's fine, I will just have to refill my crafting closet once I can and know what I need exactly.

Sporting equipment

We discussed the option to buy some boxing gear for all of us so that we can work out in our home as well after me injuring my knee pretty badly by going for runs. We didn't buy them yet, due to the costs, but that's still on my list for the next months.


We found that our landlord had a bag with yoga mats hidden between a pile of new blankets and I decided to make use of these by trying out some yoga (I suck at it) and combine this with some exercises. I think that if we have some options to stay sane and not get glued to our chairs, we will have a better chance of getting through a longer period at home.

Honestly, I hope it's all not needed, but I also won't dismiss the very possible option that it may happen. I do realize writing this, that I have some stuff to sort out and make sure we have a survival pack at home for a possible situation like this.

One important last topic

I can't forget this one: Mental health! I mean, we can talk about groceries and other supplies all day long, let's not forget to take care of our mental health when staying inside longer than we're used to. During the first wave, we had to adjust a lot and there were weeks we needed a break from each other so badly! We managed to get through it without losing it, my mantra was: You've been through much worse, this too shall pass!

And so it did, but here we are, the second wave and new mutations that will probably cause more restrictions soon. This time we have the luck that our apartment is having 2 bedrooms and a big enough living room in between. We can all be in different rooms if needed. Add to that the bathroom and another separate toilet, so we're good to isolate ourselves from the others when we need to. And yes, that happens! I'm not afraid to admit it.

selfcare isnt selfish.png

Sometimes I need to put on the headphones, listen to calming meditation music or binaural sounds to find back my zen, or start drawing, and in other situations, I need to write it off. Instead of getting annoyed and angry when the little lady clearly had enough inside time, I try talking and explaining why that is some days. And while we still can, compensate for this with a full afternoon to a park or playground.

Thankfully, she seems to understand, but I do hope in the long term this will not affect her mental state badly, because yes, that's something I do fear, because it's a child's brain and she can not use common sense as we can as adults. Luckily, she's a lot like me, and loves drawing/painting etc, so that's what we do A LOT, with a lot of fun! #craftingformentalhealth :)

Enough for today, thanks for stopping by, and if you want to participate in this week's question, here's the link to the post from @ecotrain. See you next week!

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Thank you for this fantastic post! It has been featured in our weekly tie up post, along with a summary of all the things WE think we should do to prepare for.. indefinite lockdowns.

Please stop by and check out the list, were such a smart bunch! much love

Thanks @eco-alex I defo read several great posts with some fantastic thoughts..
Have a nice day!

It's great to see that the emergency situation brought out the preper in you. And even though the emergency is minor compared to what it could be, it made you so much more prepared for the next one.

Masks are mandatory in certain areas while not in others? That sounds so weird to me, but I'm not surprised at all. Today, for example, I can't buy a beer in my neighborhood. I'll have to take a 15 minute walk to another neighborhood, or wait till tomorrow. It's already difficult to see how prohibition has anything to do with Covid contingency, but this localized, haphazard one makes no sense at all. As for masks, I put them on when there are people around (so they won't have to hate me), but when I'm walking in an empty street, I see no point in it, whatsoever. But I know, in other cities people get fined if they don't wear a mask in their car!!!

And even though the emergency is minor compared to what it could be, it made you so much more prepared for the next one.

Exactly :)

That sounds so weird to me, but I'm not surprised at all.

Currently, not much that makes sense in these rules if you ask me..

but when I'm walking in an empty street, I see no point in it, whatsoever. But I know, in other cities people get fined if they don't wear a mask in their car!!!

I do the same, although it doesn't happen often, but man, I just need to breathe come on! I'm outside not to be cut off from fresh air..

And these people, my god, what's wrong with them! We see that here as well, and I seriously wonder if they even have brains :) lol

...which would be okay, if they didn't try use it! Hahaha!

Thanks for your cool comments. Have be !BEER :-)

Hahaha, no comment here :)
It totally amazes me how many of these people exist (really!)

Thanks for the beer!

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Very cool, I like that you are preparing! The best thing we can do is be prepared. Remember when things started to get hectic with store shelves getting cleared? We stocked up ourselves a week before that craze hit. It’s good to be prepared for anything. That’s what the powers that shouldn’t be don’t want, prepared citizens. Unprepared people are begging for help where prepared aren’t.

Yeah, honestly, I wish I wouldn't be worried and felt that it wasn't needed, but seeing our shelves and freezer plus fridge quite empty compared to a while ago, makes me a bit nervous because what if.. And you know if it's not needed, at least we have some reserves for when we do. Or if we get ill, we don't have to go out to get some.

Probably the worry will soon change to calm and let it go once I see we won't have an issue with food if something happens. I honestly hate dealing with these situations because it feels like the governments can jump through hoops any moment and you never know how idiotic that is. Oh well, deal with it, I guess :)

A few good tips here and good to see you mentioned mental stability also; That can take work and is an area many neglect.

I think mental health is often ignored in these scenarios unfortunately. It bottled up and turns into some pretty tough scenarios sometimes like fighting and arguing. Having mental breaks is definitely important, kids especially!

You know, over all the years I've been into preparedness I've only ever met a handful that put any thought into the mental aspect of it. They're happy to prepare for an EMP, for civil unrest, nuclear war...But never for how they may feel or handle being the only one left on the planet (for instance), or for the residual feelings around killing for survival or protection...Or killing animals sometimes even! It's really weird but that's how it is for most.

I think the pandemic has highlighted that issue though, for some, and many are becoming a little more focused on the mental and emotional aspect.

Yeah no kidding. Those people are intense. For good reason but on the other token doing that stuff all the time and having such focus without doing other things to get your mind off that is bad, I think! We all need a good book and some LEGO around to just mess around and get our minds off stuff lol

A good book or Lego does the trick sure enough. 😂

Well, for simple folk like me anyway!

Oh, you reminded me that I also have a few books. I bought them some months ago, but haven't touched them yet. So these are indeed a good option to ease the mind as well..

I think that's true yes, I've noticed many are more focused on it since wave 1, especially as there was a higher suicide rate in many countries. My boyfriend's friend hung himself as well, and I have a friend who knows 8 people that took their lives since the pandemic. What I also notice is that people are more open about struggling mentally and open to online coaching or support.

The isolation due to the pandemic has been both a good and bad thing I think: Good in that it has brought these issues to people's attention and they seem more willing to open up about it and bad that many haven't been able to cope and have taken what they saw as an easier option. Suicide.


Yes, agree. I noticed the first wave I didn't have enough to offer sometimes for my daughter to be creative with, so I have been collecting many craft/paint/draw supplies during the summer, now she honestly never gets bored which helps a lot. But still, if we would be on edge with each other all day that wouldn't be good for her .. Really trying to be aware of that once irritations pop up. But I feel we have managed to find a decent balance most days. Granted, there are on edge days but these often arise due to other reasons, lol...

Thanks :) Well, I have to admit we had a bit of a rough time the first wave for a few weeks, and I longed for my daughter to be able to go back to school and boyfriend to the office :) lol, god that was good when it was time!

Of course, being in a super tiny apartment, with only 1 bedroom, not being able to take a breath from each other didn't help for that either. On top of that, construction noise 6 days a week from morning to 7pm. That can drive one mad easily if it's ongoing for a few years (which it was ugh).

I felt free when moving to this apartment, space is better and we have a huge park just outside so we can go for a walk there or work out. So yeah, the groceries are only one point, if we drive each other nuts while having all the food in the world, what does that help?

I found that being creative with my daughter and doing some LEGO really eases the mind, granted, our building with LEGO aren't anything like what I've seen in your posts (lol) but I'm happy she has another thing she can be focussed on for hours.. better than her being in front of TV...

It's good to keep one's mind occupied and Lego is a good way to do that, for me anyway, and I think you also found that. It wold be cool for you to do some Lego posts in the LEGO community if you like - They don't have to be big builds like I do, just anything really. Either way, it's good that you found some methods to keep occupied and prevent yourself from going completely crazy!

There's a LEGO community :o ok, got to find out more .. thanks for the tip!


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Thanks @ecotrain! <3

I love it!!! Yes in all of this stress is a major thing we need to deal with. Even though I always loved playing with logos, when our son started playing with them I also found myself enjoying something I had long forgotten about, building with legos! We were lucky enough to have some friends (whose kid and ours's are best friends) over for christmas and we played family board games together all night!

Thanks for this post and keep crafting away!

Thanks, @senorcoconut :) We have to deal with the things going on yeah, we still live in the city (unfortunately). I hope in some months, we can enjoy the countryside and find a place to live there as I'm honestly dying to start growing our own foods and have chickens for example.

Haha yeah, same here with the LEGO, I had no idea I'd enjoy building stuff with my daughter either. Which board games did you play? We also gave our daughter a set (I think it's a 12 in one) to see if she likes board games too, and we played Ludo only so far. But we decided we'd need to have a few more of these games for the future. Offline fun is something we've started to appreciate more as a family during this pandemic thing. So not only downsides to it for us!

I will check if you have answered the QOTW as well :) Have a nice day!

We played Life, Labyrinth, Avocado smash, Uno and other card games too. But yeah it's nice to have some play off line, even when there was no pandemic!

I like that you've seen the positive side in all of this.

Have a good day

So enough game time there as well!

Yeah, you know some of these things I saw long coming, but not in the way it's been unfolding with the pandemic, but it did make me able to handle it easier being somewhat not surprised by what the world is turning into.

On top of that 2020 was probably (even with this crap going on) one of the best years for us in years. Things have finally started to turn into positive things and towards a much better life. It's unfolding and it's going quickly now. 2021 will be even better. I can't dismiss those things so it's easy to see the positives (although I'm sick of the idiotic rules like wearing a mask outside!)

YOu have a good one yourself!