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RE: Ten Positive Things: Perhaps It's Not the Apocalypse After All

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You didn't read it wrong, check mine, I also started writing 10 .. It was changed later as Alex was afraid 10 maybe was too much. But reading this post, I knew I even left out at least 10 things.. I didn't even mention the magic of looking at clear skies above the city, I remember how good it felt the last lockdown to see a clear sky.. And so many other things, I for one, even while I quit my job recently, have less worry about money instead of more. This is more thanks to the mindset than because there's more to spend because there's inflation and less steady income.

I learned new things, I started new projects and I'm more focused than ever, so I know even better times are ahead and I feel blessed to be able to focus on the good things rather than watching news all day and get dragged into the bad vibes of the pandemic..

This was a good read, thanks :) another eye-opener to me that there are indeed even more than 10 good things that I could have mentioned :)


;-) love it!

lol, glad you did!

 2 months ago 

I'll head over to yours soon!!! I thought I was dreaming in that 10.
But turns out 10 was quite good to do!! Lots of bonuses when you focus on them..

Nope, I had the same thing and then I read the post again and noticed the 10 was still mentioned in there, so I knew I wasn't just making it up haha.
I agree though, why stop at 5 if you can throw 10 out in a heartbeat?
It helps me so much to focus on these positive things rather than dwelling in the negative news and restrictions and where it all possibly may go. Better to go with the flow, is my experience..

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Totally! And I feel so much better KNOWING others have got positives out of this too. It gives me hope for humanity! The media leads us to bleieve things are terrible - and yes, they can be - but there is so much goodness, hope, positivity in the world! choosing to focus on them!

Yeah I know, one of my friends is very awake but she really focuses too much on the negative while I try to bend it to the positive parts, the media is even worse if you watch the news. Which I haven't done in years :) It's often not representing the reality anyway. I'm so glad there are like-minded people here like you, who give me hope that humanity isn't lost :) lol