🐵 Monkey B & The Shadetree EMT 👨‍⚕️ A Cambodian Story

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Once upon a time in Cambodia, a young girl named Sakana, aka Monkey-B 🐒, aka @KidSisters jumped on Dad's 👨‍⚕️ (@JustinParke) back while he was holding a glass pitcher full of banana smoothie.

🙈🕮 The Meaning Behind "Monkey-B" 🌳🐒

     If you've ever wondered why we call Sakana (@KidSisters) "Monkey-B," just take a look at this photo. For the first year @Sreypov and I were together, Sakana loved to climb, but not furniture or trees, she climbed "me" like a tree.

     There were various methods of attack, such as the "sniper," the "ambush," the "creeper," and many more. All methods of attack ended in Sakana eventually trying to climb to the top of my head until she made my neck bend to accommodate her.

     So...now that some "Monkey-B" background has has been established, let met tell you a little bit about the next picture. I had just finished a nearly full pitcher of peanut butter & banana smoothie, and the @KidSisters were eagerly awaiting this treat.

     Long story short, Monkey-B, using the "sniper" technique, jumped on my back while I was holding our blender's glass pitcher. Like something from the "3 Stooges," an unbalanced me frantically thrashed around the room overcorrecting several times for an impending fall."

     Did I mention Monkey-B was on my back the whole time in addition to a right with 4-5 kilos of glass and smoothie? I couldn't find a safe place to fall, so I just buckled my legs and shattered the pitcher, protecting the young Monkey-B.


     In a former wilderness guide life 15+ years ago, I was a licensed Wilderness EMT. The state of most non-capital city Cambodian hospitals is atrocious, so anyone with a basic knowledge of medicine is unlikely to ever visit a doctor unless death is at their doorstep.

     The ultimate outcome was an uninjured Monkey-B, a room full of glass shards and a bloody flap of skin and muscle on my pitcher-hand gushing blood all over our prison cell-sized room.

     The above picture is from 7 days after the accident. I had just removed a much bigger bamboo stick and tape job. If you look carefully you can see the homemade butterfly bandages pulling traction on my skin-flap.

     I drew the shape of butterfly bandages onto athletic tape with my left hand and @Sreypov cut them out with scissors. "Cambodian Frontier Medicine Score!!"


     Monkey-B was distraught, so once we were able to manage the bleeding, close the wound and splint it, she and I patched things up over a roadside sugarcane juice.

     She over-cuddled me for about three days after the accident in her own very personal way of saying sorry. This one is full of indomitable spirit.

The Moral Of The Story

     More than ever, especially in this COVID-19 lockdown world, we need self-reliance as much as possible. @Srepov and I collect and save skillsets just like the financially wealthy collect and save money.

     You can never bee too self-reliant, and you don't need modern medicine to handle most medical situations that life throws your way. I have a scar no bigger than the 4 or 5 stitches a doctor would have likely given me, and @Sreypov knows how to make butterfly bandages.


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Monkey B

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Oh boy, that looks like a nasty cut. Luckily you have a superwoman by your side. Hope the recovery goes well.

I'm always scared of the sniper technique 😅

This happened several years ago in Cambodia, but it's still a good story we recall often. The "sniper" technique got me.

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I will be sure to check this community out, thanks @steemflow.

You are welcome. 🙂

She really cute!

Yes, Monkey-B used to be so small.