Building A Divider To Separate Our Goats (Day 1)

in Inner Blocks3 months ago

Our little boy is becoming a man! Our Nigerian dwarf buck Dale Bob is beginning to try to get a little frisky with the ladies. That's not such a big deal, right now. Mammy goat is already pregnant and about to pop, and Little Debbie Cakes is still immature, but we need to get him separated before it becomes a problem. We don't want Debbie Cakes having any behbehs until she is at least a year old, that way she'll be a little bigger.

Unfortunately, this was not something that I had considered when I was building our goat sanctuary. In fact, at the time that I started building it, Dale Bob was the only goat that we had, and I didn't figure we'd be getting any more for a little while. But, Laura surprised me again with Mammy Goat and Little Debbie. So, I'm kind of rushing to get this new divider wall and a new gate installed in the few afternoon hours that I have when I get home from work. It looks like this project is gonna take me a few days.

Watch The Video Below!


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