Succulents Galore

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Succulents are a beautiful addition to a house decor. It makes the surroundings lively and bright. These plants are not only a natural decoration to a home but also provide oxygen and help to purify air.

They have thick hard stems or large roots that hold and hoard water to survive dry conditions. Caring for succulents is easy if you follow some guidelines.


How to care for succulent plants

  1. They need bright light but it can not thrive in a hot temperature or a full sun. So placing the plant in a bright part of the house is ideal.
  2. A good drainage is also required.
  3. Watering the soil by checking if the soil dried out.
  4. A right type of soil and fertilizer occasionally.
  5. Getting rid of insects and bugs.
  6. Avoid overcrowding them, it attracts bugs.

My sister's succulent plant

Aloe vera is also a type of succulents, It also needs indirect sunlight and drainage with enough water once every 2 weeks. This great indoor plant contains medicinal properties and is used in natural medicine.


It’s gels are soothing and moisturizing, commonly used for the treatment of acne, burns and hair treatment. It’s juice can also be beneficial in the digestive tract, but taking aloe vera juice internally, One should consult a doctor first.

My indoor herbs in my windowsill

Plants are therapeutic. There are so many benefits we can get from nature. A feast for the eyes and calms the mind.

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cacti are growing very slowly.

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