🚶‍♀️ #WednesdayWalk #MakeMeSmile 😊 Free Coconuts Are The Best 🥥 Clevia, Suriname

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Happy Wednesday everyone, I would like to share two weeks of photos from my walks for exercise for @tattoodjay's #WednesdayWalk and @ElizaCheng's #MakeMeSmile. I walk around the place I live. Oh here have the coconut trees everywhere.

The coconut trees some are high and some are short. The short trees' coconuts are easy to pick. I pick two young coconut to back home today. And some time I get dry brown coconuts also.


The dried coconuts fell down somewhere so much but not have people take them. I regret that waste, so always when I saw them I take it a lot. But on the Monday I saw them too much, I can’t take it all. I can get only four coconuts.




These birds, I saw them in the house of some people. They like to cage these birds and small birds too. I saw some people sell the small birds so much near the street.


This is a bird for sell.


This is a picture from our walk last week. That day Monkey-B did not go. She went to town with her dad. When she came back home, she said I am so tired mom, I can’t go to walk with you today.


This day, we walk, SreyYuu did not because she was lazy to walk one hour with us.


This is a Chinese house, they were growing so many different vegetables. I buy green onion, coriander leaves and my landlord buy morning glory from them.

They have so much anise basil, I said to them I like this basil so much but I difficult to find them a long time in here. They give free for me because not have the people buy them. The people Suriname eat only green onion and parsley leaves.


This is a photo from when we started to walk this Monday.



These pictures I took yesterday afternoon, I was with my husband riding bicycle together.


Have a nice week everyone.


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Monkey B



Oh my!! I love coconuts!! We sometimes see the young ones here. They’re usually imported from the Phillipines. Just two weeks ago, a friend sent me some dry coconuts. Those were imported from Vietnam. It was my first time seeing and touching it in Japan. Oh how I missed it. I basically grew up on it in Jamaica. My mom made many snacks from it and of course, it’s a big part of our meals. I love the flavor, the water, the milk... everything. Please tell them not to waste it there.

Our family too love the coconut very much, we love all of coconut. I am really don’t understand why the people here growing coconuts but they are don’t care about its fruits. But if we need coconut milk from the store it’s expensive. I remember the first time I walked in front of a villager's house and I saw five dry coconuts fell, it looks like a long time fell, I think it’s broken or not? Then I take it for the look, it still has water, which means it's good but coconut owners do not pick it. Then coconut owners see me take a coconut and I put it off and she said if you need, you take it all. After I stop scared to get the coconut because I know they are don’t care about that. !ENGAGE 45

Wow! If only they knew the goodness in those coconuts. Lol
So great that you have a source. My kids aren’t used to coconuts so I had to introduce it to them. My younger son didn’t want to try it but my older son did.

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Thank you. 😃

 last month 

Yum, fresh coconut, what a treat! They are so expensive here. I always love to see you guys off having a good time.

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The coconut from the store it’s expensive also but we can to take it free somewhere here. Thank you very much @riverflows 😍💕. !ENGAGE 20

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I like coconuts very much. When I was in Karachi city, they were very common there. You can't find them here except in the market

Cambodia have coconuts so much, we sell a lot of cold coconuts on the street. Thank you for your comment. !ENGAGE 15

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