Be Addicted To Your Passions, Not Your Distractions

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What are the things that distract you, which can even make you lazy to do important things?

We can do things that are our passions with great spirit. But if there is a more pleasant distraction, it can lower the quality of your productivity.

So we need to be aware of the things around us that are a distraction to our life.

Redefine Distraction in Your Life


Everyone has a different kind of distraction in life. There are those who are distracted by the sound of social media notifications on their cellphones, some are distracted by a series of films that waste their productive time.

So here we have to re-define what constitutes distraction for our life. Usually, the things that become distracted are the things that make us comfortable and feel happy, but bad for the progress of our success process.

Do not let us prefer to do things that are a distraction to our success, then doing things that are useful for our next success.

Only you can control yourself, not others.

Create a Reward and Punishment System


If you have a lot of distractions that are classified as fun things it is best to create a reward and punishment system. For example, you like to watch a film series, you should make this as a tribute. So you can only watch the film series for certain episodes if you have done your current work target.

So do the things that get priority first. Indeed, you will be bothered by things that will distract you later.

Usually, I will create a punishment for myself, I must not do something nice for myself as long as I have not completed the important things for your work.

Have you ever punished yourself?

Not only your passions must be recognized, but also in the end you have to be sensitive to recognize what activities or things I have that interfere with your productivity.


Be productive for your passion, not productive doing things that are a distraction to your success. Watch Out!

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