Have You been Feeding the Best for Your Mind?

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A mind that runs out of energy is like your body that runs out of energy for activities and becomes unproductive.

If our body is exhausted, it will be easy to spot. You will easily notice. But what if your mind is exhausted? Maybe you don't realize it and it will only worsen your mental and body condition.

We need thoughts that are always positive and strong to manage all the fears and pressures that come into our lives. Likewise with the need to create new solutions and ideas for our careers.

Consume Yourself Decent Information

Not all information is worthy of you. Everyone has different reference information, tailored to the needs of self-development and the field of work they are engaged in.

There is too much information in this world and your mind will lose focus on doing the things that are important to you. It's like you enjoy things you don't need. You can feel addicted but not make yourself grow. Your mind will become worse in health because you fail to provide proper information. You invite your mind to do things that are not suitable for your life. As a result, you can fail to make the right decisions.

Read, read, and read!


No matter how busy you are, reading is a source of energy for your mind. Your mind needs nutrition from these readings so that it can produce new ideas and not get stuck in old information.

By reading new things even if only a little, keeps your mind alive and fresh.

That's why most office people who work too much but forget to take the time to relax and read, actually they have lost a lot of fresh ideas. Their minds have run out of nutrients but they don't realize it.

The more you read, the more sources of ideas your mind will put together into other outputs that are useful for your life.

Join a Community That Is Good for You

You are what your mind forms. Likewise with the environment you choose. You have the right to choose the environment and community that is good for you.

Your mind will find it difficult to generate positive energy for your whole being if you put negative energy into your mind. Will you keep wanting to be in the circle that pulls you down just because it looks good to other people? It all depends on yourself. Not all communities suit you. Don't let the values ​​you have built for yourself collapse because you endure in a community that is not suitable for you.

By staying in a community that has good vibes, that is the best food for you. You need good interactions with other people, and that includes interacting with people who agree with you.

Stay away from toxic people so that your thoughts don't become toxic to yourself.

From now on, learn to nourish your mind. Keep moving!

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This was an amazing read! I do need to spare time of the day for books. (I binge some sometimes but I don't have a time dedicated for them.) The talk about community is great too, it reminds me of the "network effect" people like Dan Lok talk about.

that part about office people running out of nutrients cuz they work too much is really relatable 😅 i think it's been at least 3 months since i actually got lost in reading a book 😔 thank you for this insight!

In the past when I was working from big company, I feel like my brain is empty, big zero. ehehehe