Lose Someone To Love Yourself

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Nothing hurts more than losing someone you love. But the fact is, losing yourself is much more painful and terrible.

Many people willingly trade themselves in for someone's presence. They don't realize that anytime someone can go and they will lose 2 things at once. Losing someone, and losing themselves. It will be the worst moment in life.

So this time I want to talk about the easiest way to avoid losing ourselves when we are trying to find and bring in someone within us.

Self-Love is the Most Important Thing


Before you love other people, before you share love and kindness with others, then self-love must be in you.

How can you love and share the love with others, if you don't love yourself?

You are willing to do anything for the one you love, that's right. But when your loved ones never appreciate your existence, this is where you have to take a self-loving attitude. You will not want yourself to be hurt for reasons of being disrespected.

Maybe you are afraid of losing someone you love because you feel you can't feel happy without him. It's just a matter of getting used to it or not, and you will get used to it if one day you lose someone.

What if you lose yourself? You lose your goals, you lose the things you love because you are busy following the goals of someone you love. When this happens, then you will feel that your happiness is in someone's hands, not yourself. This is what causes you to fall down and fail to be happy when someone is not there for a while in your life.

Failing to love yourself will also make you demand happiness from others. You get angry easily because you fail to feel calm and peaceful within yourself. You are busy looking for love in yourself because you have lost yourself.

Really terrible, right?

If You Lost Someone


I always believe things happen for reasons that are good for us.

When you lose someone you care about, maybe it's time to find yourself again. Look again at what you have been missing because you are busy making other people happy.

If someone fails to love you and prefers to leave your side, it is not your fault. You can never get someone to stay with you. You will always be worthless to the side of people who don't want to respect you. So, let go.

Forgive yourself for losing someone or failing to keep someone. But it is also better for you to forgive yourself because so far you have forgotten to love yourself, who are busy caring for other people, who do not necessarily love you sincerely.

If other people can't love you, it's not your fault. We can't force other people. But if you can't love yourself, then that is the biggest mistake in your life.

Self Love.jpg

Keep moving, and love yourself first!

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Anggrek Lestari.

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I have learned through the years that not everyone is there to stay. Some people are only there for a season, meaning they are present in your life the moment they needed to be there and when your paths will grow apart, they aren't meant to be there in your life anymore. The only thing you can do is be grateful for the good memories, mindful of the lessons learned and accept that which cannot be changed.

Very strong message about self love by the way.
There are people out there who need to read/see it 👍

This year has been a tough year for me, and in the end, as you say, I am grateful to be through it all and I realize some people just have to stay temporarily and our paths grow even bigger, that person is no longer suitable for us. Forcing everything will only spoil the good things to come.

I love that if there are people out there someday this might come across my writing like you are reading this.

Have a great day, Dear.

Even those hard times will get by, so chin up 😊
You've got this! 💪

May the New Year bring you more joy, good health and lots of success!

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Cada persona en nuestra vida llega por una razón, lo importante es aprender lo que debamos aprender de ella por el periodo que esté en nuestras vidas. Y muy importante como lo dices primero el amor propio.

No matter what happens, we must be able to take lessons from everyone who leaves our lives. And don't remember bad things that happened, because everything that happened always had positive things.

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